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Connecticut Clean Marina Guidebook

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The Connecticut Clean Marina Guidebook provides the information necessary for Connecticut's marina and boatyard operators to protect water and air quality.  The operators of marinas, boatyards, and yacht clubs can use the CT Clean Marina Guidebook as a reference for the legal requirements and recommended practices for environmental operation at a marina.  The Guidebook also outlines the requirements for certification as a CT Clean Marina.

The Guidebook is available for download in a PDF Format.  You can access the entire document by choosing CT Clean Marina Guidebook in the list below or simply select an individual section.  If you access the entire Guidebook, you can navigate easily between sections by choosing a section on the Bookmark column on the left.

CT Clean Marina Guidebook (entire copy of the document, PDF, 6.4MB)

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 Clean Marina Activities 

Tab 1: Mechanical Activities

Tab 2: Painting and Fiberglass Repair, including surface preparation

Tab 3: Hauling and Storing Boats

Tab 4: Fueling

Tab 5: Facility Management

Tab 6: Emergency Planning

Tab 7: Boater Education

Appendix A: Hazardous Substance Management

 Appendix B: Hazardous Waste Management

 Appendix C:  Used Oil Management

 Appendix D: Solid Waste Management

 Appendix E:   Spills 

 Appendix F:   Stormwater General Permit

Appendix G: (MISC) General Permit

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