DEEP: Steps to Becoming a Connecticut Clean Marina

Steps to Becoming a Connecticut Clean Marina

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  1. Learn about the Clean Marina Program. 

    Contact Kate Brown in the DEEP's Office of Long Island Sound Programs to get a copy of the Connecticut Clean Marina Guidebook and other program material.

  2.  Take a Pledge to Become a Clean Marina. 

    By signing the Connecticut Clean Marina Pledge you commit to becoming a certified Clean Marina within one year.  The pledge expires one year after you sign it, but you can renew it by contacting the Clean Marina Program. Send the signed pledge to CT-DEEP, Clean Marina Program , Office of Long Island Sound Programs, 79 Elm Street, 3rd Floor, Hartford, CT 06106.

  3. Conduct a self-assessment. 

    Use the “Connecticut Clean Marina Award Checklist,” the “Connecticut Marina Compliance Checklist,” and the Connecticut Clean Marina Guidebook as a reference to assess your facility. 

  4.  Ask questions. 

    You will probably have questions as you work through the checklists for certification—ask them!  We want you to become certified as a Clean Marina.  Contact Clean Marina Program staff or the CT Marine Trades Association at 860-767-2645 to answer your questions or to provide you with the name of another marina operator willing to help you out.

  5. Host a confirmation visit. 

    Once you are satisfied that your marina meets the qualifications for certification listed on the Connecticut Clean Marina Award Checklist, contact DEEP for a confirmation visit. Representatives from DEEP will visit your facility to verify the items checked on the list.  You may also host an informal visit to your establishment before your confirmation visit.  This may help you get on your way to achieving Clean Marina Certification.  Please contact the Office of Long Island Sound Programs at 860-424-3034 to schedule a confirmation or informal visit.

  6. Enjoy the benefits! 

    All certified Connecticut Clean Marinas are authorized to use the Clean Marina logo on letterhead and in advertising.  You will receive a certificate, a Clean Marina logo flag to fly from your property, and you will be listed on the Connecticut's Clean Marinas web page.  Your facility will also be included in Clean Marina publications and public displays. CT-DEEP’s Clean Marina staff will prepare a news release recognizing your demonstrated commitment to environmental stewardship. 

  7. Maintain your Clean Marina status. 

Every year, you must confirm in writing that you continue to meet the award standards described on the Connecticut Clean Marina Award Checklist.  A Clean Marina representative will contact you annually to set up a meeting at a mutually convenient time to reaffirm your Clean Marina status.

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Content Last Updated March 8, 2012.