DEEP: Goodwin Conservation Center

James L. Goodwin Conservation Center

Hampton, Connecticut

{Photo of Goodwin Conservation Center}
The James L. Goodwin State Forest and
Conservation Center 
was a gift to the 
people of Connecticut
 from James L. Goodwin,
 to be used for 
education about "general, wildlife,
 and forest conservation."
James L. Goodwin Conservation Center

The James L. Goodwin Conservation Center is an environmental education facility owned and operated by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Currently there is a public/private partnership with the Connecticut Forest and Park Association.  Together we offer programs for the public, schools, and educators, and those who use and impact Connecticut's forests, including landowners, foresters, loggers and municipal land use commissioners.  

The James L. Goodwin Conservation Center is located in the James L. Goodwin State Forest., a beautiful 2,000-acre property with 3 ponds and 14 miles of well maintained trails for hiking, cross country skiing and horseback riding. Educational signs along portions of the Air Line Trail and the Blue/Yellow loop trail provide information on the history, ecology and management of the forest. In addition, visitors can either download here or pick up a hard copy of the Forest Discovery Trail guide. Eleven descriptive text passages in the guide correspond to numbered posts along this ĺ-mile loop trail.

The spacious grounds include the 1.5-acre Richard D. Haley Native Plant Wildlife Gardens, where visitors can see and learn about dozens of native trees, shrubs and perennials that offer food and cover value for wildlife. There is also a small nature museum, the 130-acre Pine Acres Pond and a youth group campsite.

James L. Goodwin Conservation Centerís Master Naturalist Program

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