DEEP: CT Tides and Currents

Tides and Currents

The mariner should be familiar with the effects of the tides and currents in Long Island Sound.  This body of water rises and falls every 12 hours, and vast amounts of water move through places like Race Point on the western tip of Fisher's Island, Plum Gut on Long Island and Hells Gate in New York on the western end of the Sound.

Strong winds accompanying a tide in the same general direction would tend to increase the tidal effect.  Conversely, a tide flowing against a strong wind would be diminished in effect. It should be noted, though, that a strong wind contrary to a tide can create a hazardous condition with steep and confused waves.

Approximate Tidal Differences
(Based on Old Saybrook)

at Stonington less 1 hour, 43 minutes
at Noank less 1 hour, 33 minutes
at Norwich less 1 hour, 25 minutes
at  New London less 1 hour, 11 minutes
at Millstone Pt. less 1 hour, 2 minutes
at Old Saybrook Jetty see tide tables
at Duck Island plus 7 minutes
at Madison plus 12 minutes
at Falkner Island plus 19 minutes
At Branford Harbor plus 24 minutes
at New Haven Harbor plus 25 minutes
at Milford Harbor plus 26 minutes
at Bridgeport plus 33 minutes
at Cos Cob Harbor plus 38 minutes
at South Norwalk plus 45 minutes
Connecticut River
at Essex plus 28 minutes
at East Haddam plus 1 hour, 31 minutes
at Portland plus 2 hours, 40 minutes
at Hartford plus 4 hours, 19 minutes
New London and Fisher's Island Sound tides occur before Old Saybrook.  Bridgeport and Greenwich tides occur after Old Saybrook.

2015 Tide Table - Old Saybrook

HIGH TIDE Predictions between 6 am and 7 pm - adjusted for Daylight Savings Time

  {full moon} = Full moon    {new moon}   = New moon

  January February March April May June
1 7:20a 8:38a 7:36a 9:34a 9:44a 10:33a
2 8:07a 9:20a 8:20a 10:14a 10:24a {full moon} 11:14a
3 8:52a {full moon} 10:01a  9:00a 10:53a {full moon} 11:04a 11:57a
4 {full moon} 9:35a 10:41a 9:40a {full moon} 11:32a 11:44a 12:42p
5 10:18a 11:22a {full moon} 10:18a 12:11p 12:24p 1:28p
6 11:01a
10:57a 12:50p 1:06p 2:17p
7 11:45a 12:44p 11:37a 1:30p 1:49p 3:09p
8 12:29p 1:24p 1:16p 2:10p 2:35p 4:06p
9 1:13p 2:06p 1:55p 2:53p 3:26p 5:07p
10 1:58p 2:52p 2:35p 3:43p 4:42p 6:08p
11 2:46p 3:46p 3:17p 4:42p 5:26p 6:28a
12 3:38p 4:48p 4:07p 5:47p 6:28a 7:29a
13 4:36p 5:49p 5:08p 6:13a 6:51a 8:24a
14 5:34p 6:17a 6:14p 7:16a 7:49a 9:15a
15 6:28p 7:09a 6:43a 8:11a 8:42a 10:05a
16 6:53a 7:58a 7:42a 9:03a 9:33a {new moon} 10:54a
17 7:38a 8:46a 8:35a 9:53a 10:23a 11:43a
18 8:22a {new moon} 9:34a 9:25a {new moon} 10:43a {new moon} 11:13a 12:33p
19 9:07a 10:24a 10:14a 11:33a 12:04p 1:22p
20 {new moon} 9:54a 11:14a {new moon} 11:03a 12:24p 12:55p 2:11p
21 10:43a 12:06p 11:54a 1:16p 1:47p 3:01p
22 11:34a 12:58p 12:45p 2:09p 2:39p 3:53p
23 12:26p 1:53p 1:37p 3:04p 3:32p 4:46p
24 1:19p 2:50p 2:31p 4:01p 4:28p 5:42p
25 2:15p 3:54p 3:27p 5:02p 5:26p 6:36p
26 3:14p 5:02p 4:28p 6:04p 6:23p 6:57a
27 4:19p 6:07p 5:34p 6:34a 6:46a 7:48a
28 5:27p 6:45a 6:39p 7:30a 7:39a 8:35a
29 6:29p 7:14a 8:19a 8:26a 9:18a
30 7:05a 8:08a 9:02a 9:10a 10:01a
31 7:54a 8:53a 9:52a
  July August Sept. October Nov. Dec.
1 {full moon} 10:43a 11:48a 1:06p 1:37p 2:06p 2:31p
2 11:28a 12:39p 2:02p 2:33p 3:06p 3:29p
3 12:15p 1:32p 2:59p 3:34p 4:11p 4:29p
4 1:05p 2:26p 4:00p 4:39p 5:14p 5:29p
5 1:56p 3:23p 5:06p 5:47p 6:12p 6:23p
6 2:49p 4:24p 6:14p 6:16a 6:35a 6:48a
7 3:46p 5:28p 6:39a 7:16a 7:20a 7:32a
8 4:46p 6:33p 7:39a 8:06a 8:02a 8:13a
9 5:49p 6:56a 8:29a 8:49a 8:41a 8:53a
10 6:09a 7:55a 9:13a 9:29a 9:20a 9:31a
11 7:11a 8:46a 9:53a 10:08a {new moon} 9:58a {new moon} 10:10a
12 8:08a 9:32a 10:34a {new moon} 10:46a 10:36a 10:49a
13 9:00a 10:15a {new moon} 11:14a 11:26a 11:15a 11:30a
14 9:49a {new moon} 10:59a 11:55a 12:06p 11:55a 12:14p
15 {new moon} 10:35a 11:42a 12:37p 12:45p 12:36p 1:00p
16 11:22a 12:26p 1:19p 1:25p 1:22p 1:51p
17 12:08p 1:10p 2:01p 2:06p 2:13p 2:47p
18 12:55p 1:54p 2:44p 2:51p 3:12p 3:49p
19 1:41p 2:39p 3:30p 3:42p 4:16p 4:55p
20 2:28p 3:25p 4:22p 4:43p 5:20p 5:58p
21 3:16p 4:14p 5:22p 5:48p 6:19p 6:34a
22 4:06p 5:08p 6:22p 6:27a 6:51a 7:27a
23 4:59p 6:04p 6:55a 7:21a 7:41a 8:17a
24 5:53p 6:33a 7:46a 8:12a 8:30a 9:05a
25 6:14a 7:26a 8:34a 8:59a {full moon} 9:18a {full moon} 9:53a
26 7:10a 8:14a 9:21a 9:47a 10:08a 10:41a
27 8:00a 9:00a {full moon} 10:08a {full moon} 10:36a 10:59a 11:30a
28 8:45a 9:45a 10:57a 11:26a 11:50a 12:18p
29 9:29a {full moon} 10:32a 11:48a 12:18p 12:43p 1:06p
30 10:13a 11:21a 12:41a 1:13p 1:36p 1:56p
31 {full moon} 10:59a 12:13p   2:08p   2:47p
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