DEEP: Public Notices: Availability of Grants/Requests for Proposals
Public Notices: Availability of Grants/Requests for Proposals

The public notices in this section are provided as a convenience to the public. The official legal notice has been published in accordance with the requirements of all applicable laws.

When available, supporting documents are formatted as Adobe PDF files and can be read online or downloaded for printing.

NOTE: Agency Bid Notices/RFPs for goods and services and/or construction are published on the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) State Procurement/Contracting Portal.

If there are no public notices currently available for Grants/Requests for Proposals, no listings will display.

Availability of Grants/Requests for Proposals
6/2/2019Request for Proposal for Services - Millstone Power Station (Nationwide)
  Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Water Permitting and Enforcement Division, is seeking proposals from individuals, firms, or corporations to provide technical consulting and advice related to implementing sections 316(a)and 316(b)of the Clean Water Act at Millstone Power Station.
Deadline for Letter of Intent is July 8, 2019
Deadline for submission of proposals is August 19, 2019