DEEP: Waste Management and Disposal
Waste Management and Disposal
Solid Waste
 Active Landfill Sites
 Connecticut Resource Recovery Facilities
  Resource Recovery Facilities
 Governors Recycling Work Group
  Governor Malloy has established a working group which is tasked with submitting recommendations to improve the state's approach to recycling, reduce costs, and more efficiently use waste materials.
 Materials Management Summit Series
  The DEEP is sponsoring a series of summits to discuss how we can begin to tranform the way we manage solid waste in CT.
 MIRA RFP - Facility Permit Info
 MIRA RFP - Public Comments
  A list of and links for copies of public comments received in response to DEEP's September 14, 2017 public notice regarding three proposals to modernize the Connecticut Solid Waste System Project.
 Permitting of Municipal Transfer Stations
  The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) developed and issued a general permit for the operation of municipal transfer stations. Most municipal transfer stations are eligible for the Municipal Transfer Station General Permit.
 Resources Recovery Task Force
  The Resources Recovery Task Force was established to study the operations, financial stability, and business models of resource recovery facilities operating in Connecticut.
 RFP Phase II Addendum 2
  This page provides additional documents in support of entities making submissions for Phase II of the Resource Rediscovery RFP.
 RFP Phase II Addendum 3
  CSWSP RFP Addendum 3 -- Additional Information Including Copies of Contracts, Reports, and Tables Relating to MIRA Facilities. This information is provided as a resource for persons that are interested in responding to or commenting on the CSWSP RFP.
 Solid Waste
 Solid Waste Characterization Study
  DEP is conducting a solid waste characterization study for the purpose of better targeting waste disposal diversion efforts and estimating associated costs for managing the waste stream.
 Solid Waste Permitting Process for Individual Permit
  Overview of the permitting process for individual solid waste facility permit
 Transforming Solid Waste Mgmt Into a Materials Economy
  As we aim to waste less, recycle more and reduce our carbon footprint, we need to transform the way we manage our solid waste to help grow green business and jobs in CT.