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 Batteries - Recycling and Disposal Options
 Managing Household Batteries
 Recycling Rechargeable Batteries

 Bottle Bill FAQ
 Bottle Bill Legislation
 Connecticut Bottle Bill
 Connecticut Redemption Centers

CT Recycles Day
 Connecticut Recycles Day, November 15

 Collection Locations for Residential Electronics
 CT Electronic Recycling Law
  In July of 2007, Governor Rell signed into law ďAn Act Concerning The Collection And Recycling Of Covered Electronic DevicesĒ. This law enables Connecticut to manage an ever-growing portion of the solid waste stream.
 CT Electronic Recycling Law, FAQs
  What are the "covered electronic devices" under the law? Covered electronic devices (CEDs), regulated under the law, are computers, computer monitors, printers and televisions generated from households.
 E-Waste Home
  Electronics, especially TVs and computers represent an increasingly large percentage of our trash and should be recycled because they contain hazardous materials and recyclable components.
 E-Waste Regulations External Advisory Group
  The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (Department) formed an external workgroup to provide advice and guidance to the Department in developing regulations to implement Connecticutís E-waste recycling law.
 Municipal E-Waste Guidance
 Requirements for E-Waste Recyclers
  What Covered Electronics Recyclers should know about complying with the CT E-Waste Law.
 Requirements for Manufacturers
  In July, 2007, Governor Rell signed into law Public Act No. 07-189. This act creates a mandatory recycling program for discarded covered electronic devices (CEDs). Under the law, manufacturers must participate in a program to finance the transportation and recycling of CEDs.

General Info
 Business Recycling Assistance
 Buy Recycled Products
 Corrugated Cardboard
 FAQs - Recycling Program
 Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Facilities
 Glass Recycling Markets Fact Sheet
 Green Reading & Media List
  A collection of book titles and other media on Greening your daily habits and leading to a more sustainalble lifestyle.
 Local Municipal Recycling Coordinators
 Material Exchanges
 Municipal Recycling Honor Roll
 Municipal Solid Waste Survey
  Describes the survey DEP conducted, lsits towns that have not responded, and links to a slide presentation of preliminary survey highlights.
 PA 10-87
  In 2010, the CT State Legislature passed a law that expanded the recycling requirements in Connecticut.
 Proper Use and Disposal of Treated Lumber
 Recycling and Disposal of Scrap Tires
 Recycling for the Hospitality Industry
 Recycling in Connecticut
 Recycling It's the Law
 Recycling Laws - Annotated List
 Recycling Program Resources
 Recycling Propane Grill Tanks
 Recycling Regulations and Statutes
 Reduce/Reuse/Recycle at Home
 Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Main Page
 Resource Management Contracting
  Resource management contracting is a partnership between the contracting organization and service provider where both entities benefit from performance based financial incentives to maximizing recycling and waste reduction and save businesses money.
 Separating Recyclables from the Waste Stream
 Small Business Recycling
 State Agency Recycling Reporting Forms
  Forms that state agencies use to report to DEP on the implementation of thier recycling plans.
 State Electronics Challenge
  A brief explanationnof what the State Electronics Challenge is and links to the NREC website on same.
 Textiles Reuse & Recycling
  In Connecticut, we dispose of about 96,500 tons of textiles every year to our waste-to energy facilities. We have a significant opportunity to save our communities disposal tipping fees, increase economic value, and reduce environmental impact by recovering more textiles!
 Waste Paper Processors

 Green Building
 Green Building-FAQ
 Indoor Environmental Quality
 Managing Residential Construction Waste
 Your Green Home
 Your Home Landscape

 Pay as you Throw (PAYT) Programs in Connecticut

 College and University Recycling
 Designing for Recycling in Schools.
 Enviro Speakers, Presenters & Performers
  List of speakers, presenters & performers suitable for environmental programs at schools and other venues.
 Expanding Your School Recycling Program
  Resources to help schools expand their recycling program.
 Getting Started
  Assistance for schools that are starting recycling programs.
 Going Beyond the 3R's at Your School
  Talks about what schools can do beyond recycling to make thier schools a more environmental friendly place.
 Grade School Recycling Resources
  A comprehensive guide to starting a school recycling program, expanding your current school recycling operations, and going beyond the 3 Rís at your school or across your school district to provide a safe and healthy environment for students.
  A list of quotations that can be used to inspire people to recycle or other environmentally friendly actions.
 School & Institution Recycling Main Page Formerly Reduce/Reuse/Recycle at School
 School Recycling Reminder
 Tips on Waste Reduction and Reuse for Schools