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Long Island Sound
LIS General
 Blue Plan Adaptive Management
  Blue Plan planning and implementation processes will be updated as traditional uses are better understood or new uses emerge and as environmental, social, and economic conditions change.
 Blue Plan Basic Background
 Blue Plan Comment Form
  Engaging stakeholders, which includes the general public, is critical to the success of the Long Island Sound Blue Plan.
 Blue Plan Coordination and Cooperation
  The Long Island Sound Blue Plan shall ensure collaborative and coordinated planning among agencies and stakeholders based on a common vision, shared information, and transparent decision-making processes.
 Blue Plan Policy Home Page
  The first draft of the policies proposed to be included in the Long Island Sound Blue Plan has been completed.
 Blue Plan Process webpage
  The Blue Plan is being developed by a multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee (BPAC), including representatives from water-dependent industry, universities, Non-governmental Organzations (NGOs), local governments, recreation and aquaculture interests and more.
 Blue Plan Public Participation
  Public participation is essential for shaping the Blue Plan and constructing a plan that best supports your needs as a user of Long Island Sound.
 Blue Plan Significant Areas
  Links to draft maps and definitions of Long Island Sound Blue Plan Ecologically Significant Areas and Significant Human Use Areas
 Blue Plan Sound Science
  The Blue Plan shall use accurate, relevant data and information, from traditional knowledge to cutting-edge science and innovative mapping technologies to support planning and management of Long Island Sound resources and uses.
 Blue Plan Transparent Process
  Development and implementation of the Blue Plan should be open and transparent, utilizing multiple means to communicate with and seek input from all interested parties and ensuring adequate information representation of all stakeholders
 CELCP FY 2014 Grant Announcement
 Coastal Access
 Coastal Access Guide - Site Details
 Coastal Public Access Survey
  CT DEP wants to know how we are doing in providing opportunities for the public to access and learn more about Connecticutís coastal recreation areas.
 Conference Announcement: Legal Solutions to Coastal Climate Change Adaptation in Connecticut
 Connecticut NERR Related Links
  Links to information about National Estuarine Research Reserves and establishing a NERR for Long Island Sound
 DEEP NERR List Serv Sign Up Page
 Hurricane Related Coastal Permitting Infor
  To assist in the post hurricane repair and clean-up efforts, DEEPís Office of Long Island Sound Programs has developed hurricane-related coastal permitting information.
 Introductory Webinar for Blue Plan Ecological Interested Parties
 LIS Blue Plan FAQs
 LIS Blue Plan Final Draft
  The completed draft of the Long Island Sound Blue Plan that will be submitted to the Connecticut General Assembly's Environment Committee before the start of the legislative session on February 5, 2020 is now available.
 LIS Resource and Use Inventory Home
  The first draft of the Inventory of natural resources and human uses for the Long Island Sound Blue Plan has been completed.
 Long Island Sound
 Long Island Sound Blue Plan Advisory Committee
 Long Island Sound Blue Plan Completed Draft Plan
  Links to the completed draft of the Long Island Sound Blue Plan and all related documents.
 Long Island Sound Blue Plan Home
 Long Island Sound Blue Plan List Serv Sign Up Page
 Long Island Sound Blue Plan Related Links
  Links to information about marine spatial planning in general and within the Mid Atlantic and New England regions.
 Long Island Sound Blue Plan Video Series
  A video series about the Long Island Sound Blue Plan featuring interviews with Blue Plan Adivosry Committee members and other sector representatives.
 NERR Home Page
  Background information on National Estuarine Reserach Reserves (NERR) in general, and on the process Connecticut will undertake in establishing a NERR for Long Island Sound.
 NERR Meeting Materials, Hand-outs, and Presentations
 NERR Teams
 Public Trust Fact Sheet
 Related Information and References
 Shoreline Preservation Task Force - Testimony
  Commissioner Esty testified before General Assemblyís Shoreline Preservation Task Force to discuss challenges facing Long island Sound and the specifics of a recent task force report.