DEEP: Long Island Sound
Long Island Sound
Coastal Management
 Aquaculture Brochure
  The brochure Connecticut's Aquaculture Permitting Process describes the regulatory authorities and requirements pertinent to the pursuit of aquaculture activities in Connecticut.
 Coastal Land Use Planning
 Coastal Management
 Comments from Green Infrastrucutre Symposium Attendees
 Connecticut's Coastal Habitat Restoration Programs
 Green Infrastructure Symposium
 Holly Pond Sedimentation Studies
 Overview of the Connecticut Coastal Management Program
 PA 12 101 Coastal Omnibus Fact Sheet
  In 2012 the Connecticut General Assembly passed Public Act 12-101, An Act Concerning the Coastal Management Act and Shoreline Flood and Erosion Control Structures. This legislation combined a number of initiatives to address sea level rise and to revise the regulatory procedures applicable to shoreline protection.