DEEP: Landscape Stewardship
Landscape Stewardship
Land Resources and Planning
 DEEP Plans
  DEEP has many plans that relate to landscape stewardship.
 DEEP Regulatory Programs Impacting Land Use
 Green Plan October 2007
  Connecticut DEP has published The Green Plan: Guiding Land Acquisition and Protection in Connecticut 2007-2012.
 Information for Individuals
  Actions that individuals can take to support landscape stewardship are identified.
 Land and Water Resources
  From rocky hilltops to sandy beaches, from farm fields to urban cores, land resources in Connecticut are varied and valuable.
 Landscape Stewardship Advisory Committee
  There is a Landscape Stewardship Advisory Committee with representatives from a broad range of stakeholders.
 Landscape Stewardship Home
  The decisions we make today about how we use land are perhaps the most important environmental issue facing Connecticut