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Training for Municipal Inland Wetlands Agencies
Training Program Gateway

The Training Program Gateway is the on-line home for educational materials and presentations offered by the DEEP Inland Wetlands Management Section for municipal inland wetlands agencies.  Training materials are in a pdf format. To access materials select the appropriate icon or link.
Municipal Inland Wetlands Agency Comprehensive Training Program
The comprehensive training program consists of an on-line course.  Upon successful completion of the course the DEEP will award a certificate of program completion.  The course fulfills the training requirement for duly authorized agents pursuant to CGS section 22a-42a(c)(2); and fulfills the statutory requirement pursuant to CGS section 22a-42(d) that at least one member of the inland wetlands agency or staff of the agency be a person who has completed the comprehensive training program. For additional information and to register please view the CCSU website.
2018 Course Information: In 2017 the Municipal Inland Wetlands Agency Comprehensive Training Program online course was temporarily closed for redesign and improvement.  It is expected to re-open at the end of 2018.  When the course is active for registration an announcement will be mailed to all municipal inland wetlands agencies and posted on this web page.

Municipal Inland Wetlands Agency Continuing Education Workshops
Continuing education workshops provide municipal inland wetlands agency members and staff the opportunity to complement their knowledge with additional training.  These workshops consist of annual legal and administrative updates; and technical, field oriented classes.  Continuing education program announcements will be mailed to every municipal inland wetlands agency as workshops are scheduled. 
Please view the Continuing Education Workshop page for annual handouts (since 2013).
Past Training (prior to 2013)
    {Segment 1 Training Material}    
Segment 1  was tailored for new agency members and staff.  It provided an introductory curriculum to assist in the implementation of the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act.  The content in this segment was repeated annually.  
     {Segment 2 Training Material}  
Segment 2 was recommended for all agency members and staff.  This segment provided annually updated legal, administrative, and resource information for municipal agencies.  Presentations and background materials are organized by year.
     {Segment 3 Training Material}
Segment 3 was designed for agency staff and experienced agency members. This segment explored specialized technical topics that changed on an annual basis.  Presentations and background materials are organized by year.   
Training Videos
         Video 1: CT's Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act  -  This interactive video introduces the
         Connecticut Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act; and examines critical topics such as
         meetings, making the record, and timelines for applications.
         Video 2: Map & Site Plan Review  -  This humorous video takes an imaginative journey with
         new inland wetlands agency member Harvey Windsor as he learns to navigate various maps
         and site plans.
         Video 3: The Functions and Values of Wetlands and Watercourses  -  This stunning video
         provides a visual exploration of the functions and values of wetlands and watercourses,
         focusing on the key areas of hydrology, ecology and land use.
The three videos are available as DVDs while supplies last.  If you are unable to view the links above, or prefer a DVD, please contact the Inland Wetlands Management Section at (860) 424-3019.  You may request one, two or all three DVDs.  There is no cost.
Annual Training Reports
2009 Training Report (not available at this time)
Content updated on April 23, 2018.