DDS: DDS Project Management Office - PMO

DDS Project Management Office - PMO

The DDS Project Management Office (PMO) supports project management activities and tracks the projects contained within the Agency 5 Year Plan.  The PMO works with Project Managers to assess and maintain progress of established project plans, and brings concerns or barriers to the Leadership Team for high-level assistance from the administration.

Here you will find a 2017-2022 Five Year Plan Projects Excerpt that lays out the strategic framework for system improvement at DDS.  Quarterly project updates identify Projects, Status, Strategic Improvement Areas, Leads and What’s Needed.  Other projects not identified on the Five Year Plan may be tracked here.

2017-2022 Five Year Plan Projects Excerpt  (PDF, 494 KB) {Scrabble letters spelling Think, Plan, Manage, Strategy}

Quarterly Project Status Updates:

March 2018 (PDF, 332 KB)

December 2017 (PDF, 326 KB)

September 2017 (PDF, 325 KB)

June 2017  (PDF, 212 KB)