DDS: White Plains Family Respite Center

White Plains Family Respite Center
About the White Plains Family Respite Center
The White Plains Road Family Respite Center is located at 516 White Plains Road in Trumbull CT, and has replaced the Respite Center formerly located at the Ella T. Grasso Center.  The Respite Center is tastefully decorated so the guests feel at home while they stay for the weekend.  The large Colonial home has two floors and two full bathrooms.  There is enough room to accommodate up to six guests.  The Respite Center has three bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs which is accessible for individuals with physical disabilities.  Also offered to the guests is an activity room where the guests may play a game or watch a favorite DVD movie.
Many guests of the Respite Center develop new friendships and others look forward to visiting with old friends.  While at the Respite Center the guest can expect to enjoy a variety of community outings, family served meals, and fun activities. The Respite Center guests can also spend time outdoors during leisure activities.  All Respite Center guests are encouraged to relax in the comfortable relaxed atmosphere.
White Plains Respite Center staff have access to an on call nurse for consultation as needed.
Main Phone Number
Tel: 203-261-1013
West Region Respite Coordinator
Bernard McNair
Regional Respite Coordinator
Public Community Services
Tel:  (203) 455-3193
Cell: (203) 379-6275
Fax: (860) 920-3040
Denise Liguori, Respite Supervisor   
Respite Center Contact
Tel: 203-261-1013
Fax: 203-268-9571
Cheryl Raymond
Respite Nurse
Tel: 203-261-5877

516 White Plains Road
Trumbull, Connecticut
Open 4 p.m. Thursday through 10 a.m. Monday
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Outside View
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Living Area
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 Activity Lounge
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Dining Area