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Early intervention for toddlers with autism spectrum disorder helps improve their intellectual ability and reduces autism symptoms years after originally getting treatment, a new study shows. {}

Early Intervention Article

One in three young adults with autism disconnected from work and school

Scientists have delved into critical questions about life outcomes beyond clinical interventions for young people with autism spectrum disorder. New results show a wide range of experiences and outcomes of youth on the autism spectrum between high school and their early 20s, including new safety and risk indicators for young adults with autism. The report describes the indicators now available and serves as a call to action to fill the remaining large gaps in knowledge. {}

Parent training can reduce serious behavioral problems in young children with autism

A multi-site study finds young children with autism spectrum disorder and serious behavioral problems respond positively to a 24-week structured parent training. The benefits of parent training endured for up to six months post intervention. {}

RESCHEDULED ADVISORY COUNCIL MEETING - Wednesday, March 11, 2015 (10am - 12pm)

3/11/15 Agenda

Medicaid Plan to Cover Autism Services Regulations Posted. 

Effective January 1, 2015, the Department of Social Services will expand its coverage of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) evaluation and treatment services for Medicaid enrolled members (HUSKY A, C, or D) under the age of 21 for whom ASD services are medically necessary.  Individuals eligible for ASD evaluation and treatment services must be enrolled in Medicaid (HUSKY A, C, or D) and under the age of 21. In order for an individual to receive treatment services, he or she must have a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation that recommends ASD services based on an ASD diagnosis consistent with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorder (DSM 5) definition of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Department is adopting new regulations governing payment for ASD services provided to Medicaid members under age twenty-one. The Department proposes to amend the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies and plans to implement the proposed regulation in draft form.   

Procedure for Submitting Comments on the Proposed Regulation

Written comments regarding these regulations may be submitted via email: to  or may be mailed to the Department of Social Services, Office of Legal Counsel, Regulations and Administrative Hearings, 55 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut, 06105, Attention: Brenda Parrella, Director.  When submitting correspondence, please reference “Regulation Number 14-07 – Autism Spectrum Disorder Services.”

Deadline for Submitting Comments

Public comments must be submitted during the period from January 9, 2015 through February 9, 2015, inclusive.  

Public Hearing for the Proposed Regulation

In addition to submitting written comments in accordance with the procedures described above, all interested persons who wish to present their views, questions, or concerns regarding these regulations may also do so at a public hearing to be held on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in Conference Room 1011 on the First Floor, at the Department of Social Services, 55 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06105. 

Procedure(s) for obtaining copies of the proposed regulations and the fiscal note

A copy of the complete text of this regulation and the fiscal note are available, at no cost, upon request from the Office of Legal Counsel, Regulations and Administrative Hearings, Department of Social Services, 55 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06105; email:  A copy of the complete text of this regulation is also available online at ; select “Publications,” then select “Policies and Regulations,” then select “Notices of Intent, Operational Policies, and Proposed Regulations,” then select “Autism Spectrum Disorder Services”.

Parent-Led Intervention May Lower Kids’ Autism Risk

Training parents to enhance social interactions with their infant children may reduce the likelihood that kids at risk for autism will ultimately develop the disorder, researchers say.

Medicaid Plan to Cover Autism Services Drafted.   

At a meeting of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Council today, the Department of Social Services and the Department of Developmental Services presented an initial draft pan to provide Medicaid coverage for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders for children under the age of 21.  The initial draft will be available on DDS’ Division of Autism Spectrum Services website and public comment is encouraged.  Comments and feedback on the plan can by submitted via e-mail to:




Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee Study on Transitional Services for Youth and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder- SURVEY


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