DDS: About the West Region

About the West Region

The West Region of the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) provides a wide variety of supports and services to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families in a 57-town area of Cheshire, Stamford, Danbury, Bridgeport, Norwalk, Torrington, Waterbury and at Southbury Training School located in the town of Southbury on 1600 acres with 125 separate buildings.
  • There are currently 5,339 people served by the Region, plus an additional 250 families who are served by our Regional Birth To Three system.

  • About half, 2,593 people live at home with their families along with the 225 infants and toddlers from the Birth To Three program who live with their families (includes Early Connections).  There are 348 people who live independently and 536 people residing at Southbury Training School.

  • The overall budget for the Region is about  $319,601,984 of which $109,575,721  is for private residential contracts and $49,629,024 is for or private day contracts.

  • The region will receive about $1,064,969 to provide individual and family grants.  Grants are cash subsidies or direct payments for the purpose of providing individual and family support or defraying the cost of extraordinary disability related expenses.  There are four 6-bed respite centers located on the Torrington, Ella Grasso, Lower Fairfield, and Southbury campuses.  In addition, there are two specialized medical beds with 24-hour nursing available at the Ella Grasso campus.

  • Approximately 1,114 people live in CLAs or group homes in the Region and 157 people live at the Campus settings and 536 live at the Southbury Training School.  An additional 105 live in the CTHs (Community Training Home) and about 346 people live in SLP (Supported Living Programs).  There are 645 individuals directing their own supports through Self Determination and the Individual Support Agreement Process.

  • The Region contracts with 57 private sector agencies to provide residential and adult day programs.
  • This fiscal year FY07 the Region will receive about $ 1,590,500 to develop day and vocational supports for those individuals graduating from high school.

  • There are six office sites in the Region:  Cheshire, Stratford, Torrington, Norwalk, Danbury and Waterbury (Waterbury is the Central Office for the Region.).  Our residential campuses are:  Northwest Center, Torrington; Ella Grasso Center, Stratford; Lower Fairfield Center, Norwalk and Southbury Training School, Southbury.

  • The West Region has 2,053 filled permanent full time employees, 424 filled part time employees and 144  general worker positions (residents are hired in these positions to do work). This is a total of 2644 positions representing 8 bargaining unions and managerial staff.
Southbury Training School

The Southbury Training School (STS) was built in the 1930's as a home for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Over 60% of the approximately 450 residents have lived here for over 30 years. The average age of the current resident population is 53-years-old and a majority of them have chosen to continue living at STS.
Southbury Training School is a large state funded and operated residential and habilitative facility for adults with mental retardation. It is comprised of 125 buildings situated on a campus of 1,600 acres. It independently operates its own power, heat, sewage treatment, water, laundry, fire, ambulance, public safety, building maintenance, transportation and dietary services.
The residents of Southbury Training School participate in a variety of day programs on and off campus. These opportunities include: individual and group supported employment at local businesses, employment at Southbury Training School operated ventures, job skills training, sheltered employment, and community experience and leisure programs.

Supports and services are provided by a broad array of full time, part time, and consulting staff.  There are over 1,700 employees who provide medical, vocational, residential, therapeutic, and facility support services.
Admissions to Southbury Training School closed in 1986. Connecticut Public Act No. 95-236 requires the Commissioner of DDS to continue operations of Southbury Training School. The goal of the facility has been to provide community placement opportunities for those residents that wish to move and to ensure the best quality of services for residents who choose to remain at the facility.
DDS has made a solid commitment to enhance the quality of life for all individuals who remain at STS. Community support and integration continues to play an important role as well, and the school has greatly benefited over the years from various groupsí involvement with the facility.

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