DDS: Autism Walks in Waterbury

Autism Walks in Waterbury

{Group of People at the Walk} The 4th Annual Greater Waterbury Walk Now for Autism Speaks was recently held at Liberty Park in Waterbury.  Over 3,000 people came out to support a brighter future for individuals affected by autism, including Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Autism Case Manager Lisa Berghauser.  Ms. Berghauser has been involved in the walk from the beginning and this year represented the DDS Autism Division at the informational tables as well as participating in the Walk with friends.
The Walk was originally started by Alan and Helen Taylor whose son is on the autism spectrum. “Currently, there are limited programs in the areas for families in Waterbury,” said Ms. Taylor, Co-Chair of the Waterbury Walk.  “We travel to other cities and towns for our son, Chase, to participate in programs developed for his disorder.  Our vision is to have a program developed in our City of Waterbury, which would include various resources for after-school, weekend and summer programs/events for all living with autism; including, social programs for children and young adults.”
  {Vinnie Piccochi (left) and his father, Vinnie Piccochi (right) walk with DDS’s Lisa Berghauser}
Vinnie Piccochi (left) and his father, Vinnie Piccochi (right) walk with DDS’s Lisa
{Group of People Walking}