DDS: Connecticut Youth Leadership Project

Connecticut Youth Leadership Project

The Connecticut Youth Leadership Project (CTYLP) is a youth leadership program that empowers youth with disabilities to realize their leadership potential.  Over the course of a 4-day forum held on the UConn Campus at Storrs, young adults explore leadership styles and develop and implement team community leadership plans.  Activities at the forum are specifically geared toward self-awareness and team building, such as an accessible ropes course, guest speakers, a talent show and team challenges.  This is a great opportunity for students with intellectual disabilities to learn leadership skills.

Students must apply to participate in the forum which is being held July 23-27, 2017.  To apply a student must be a current high school sophomore or junior with a disability.  Participants are chosen through a statewide competition that seeks students with disabilities who have leadership potential.  Each applicant submits a standard form, an essay, and letter of recommendation.  This application is followed up by an interview.  The combined score determines who is selected for the forum.  The group that is selected is representative of the state of Connecticut in terms of geographic, gender, economic status, ethnicity, and types of disabilities.  To learn more about the forum and to download the applications go to the CTYLP website at  Students can also request accommodations to complete the application.  Examples of accommodations:  1.)  Tape recording a response to the application questions  2.)  Providing a videotape that covers information the application is requesting  3.) Using a note taker to help complete the application.

To learn more about YLF and to find applications, please see their website: and view the video at:

Student Application (DOC, 296 KB)