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 Commissioner Terrence W. Macy, Ph.D.
 Statutory Responsibility

 Know the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  Welcome to the Department of Developmental Services, Know-the ADA website...
 Resources - Know the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)

 DDS Informational Videos
 Resource Information for Staff Affected by Job Loss Transition
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 Office of Commissioner Jordan A. Scheff
 Office of the Commissioner
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 Community Companion Homes (CCH)
 About Community Companion Homes
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 Application Process
 CCH North Region Contact Information
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 Self Advocacy

 All Employees at the Department of Mental Retardation
  This is a list of all employees at DMR along with their email adress and phone number.
 Executive Management Contacts
  This list includes the Executive Management Team Names and Phone Numbers
 Case Manager/Supervisor List

 Closing Announcement
 Living the Mission Announcement
 New Family Website
 Camp Quinebaug

 Central Office - Directions
  460 Capitol Avenue Hartford, CT 06106
 North Region - Town List/Directions
  A list of the major towns and cities in the region. Directions to North Region offices.
 South Region - Town List/Directions
 South Region - Norwich Office SPANISH
 South Region - Wallingford Office SPANISH
 West Region - Town List/Directions
 West Region - Directions
 North Region - Directions
 DDS South Region - New Haven Office En Español
 DDS South Region - Meriden Office Spanish


 DDS Agency Forms
 Emergency Management Forms
 Individual Progress Review Forms
 Aquatic Activity Screening

 Into the Community
 Camp Quinebaug Nursing and Horticulture Building Opens
  After several years in planning, DDS has completed construction of a 1,920 square foot Nursing and Horticulture Building at Camp Quinebaug in Killingly.
 Torrington Advocacy Fit Club
  On February 29, 2016, the Torrington Advocacy Fit Club went to Chapter 126 Gym in Bristol to do the pin walk. We started off by learning how to use fitness wheelchairs and play basketball in them...

 Other Links
 Town Finder
 HIPAA Notice
 Budget Update 3-12-09
 Legislation on State Employee Concessions and State Personnel Cost Savings
 Information for Families
 House and Senate Bills Vetoed by Governor Rell
 Remainder of Allotments for Second Quarter of FY 2011
 DDS Emergency Contact Information
 Countdown Counter
 Call for Partners
 DDS Translation Disclaimer
 Ebola Resources


 Individual and Family Fact Sheets
 MIR Management Information Reports

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 Human Rights Committee (HRC)
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