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State Building Code -- 2005 CT Supplement
Please see the following links for the 2005 CT Supplement to the 2005 State Building Code, effective December 31, 2005:
Questions regarding the State Building Code and errata should be directed to the Office of the State Building Inspector at 860-713-5900.
2005 State Building Code

The Office of the State Building Inspector adopted the 2005 State Building Code with an effective date of December 31, 2005.  The 2005 State Building Code is comprised of the following documents from the International Code Council, Inc., the National Fire Protection Association, Inc., and the Office of the State Building Inspector: 

From the International Code Council, Inc. (ICC):
2003 International Building Code*,
2003 International Residential Code*
2003 International Existing Building Code,
2003 International Plumbing Code,
2003 International Mechanical Code,
2006 International Energy Conservation Code (new edition, effective August 1, 2009),
2009 International Energy Conservation Code (with CT Amendments, effective October 7, 2011),
From the National Fire Protection Association Inc. (NFPA):
2005 NFPA 70 National Electrical Code of the National
as well as
From the Office of the State Building Inspector:
2005 Connecticut Supplement (see above)
*The International Code Council agreed to publish Connecticut Specific Editions of the 2003 International Building and Residential Codes that incorporate the language of the Connecticut Supplement into the base document. This eliminated the need for concurrent use of the Connecticut Supplement for these two codes.  The 2009 Amendment (effective August 1, 2009) was not included in this printing.
The aforementioned ICC and NFPA codes, except as amended, altered or deleted by the 2005 Connecticut Supplement, are hereby adopted by reference as the 2005 State Building Code. The requirements of the 2005 State Building Code shall apply to all work for which a permit application was made on or after the date of adoption.

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