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Local Building Officials Listing
State Building Code Applicable to All Municipalities:
In accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 29-253, the State Building Code, including any amendment to said code adopted by the State Building Inspector and Codes and Standards Committee, shall be the building code for all towns, cities and borough.
Municipal Building Official to Administer Code:
In accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 29-260, the chief executive officer of any town, city or borough, unless other means are already provided, shall appoint an officer to administer the code for a term of four years and until his successor qualifies and quadrennially thereafter shall so appoint a successor. Such officer shall be known as the building official.
List of Local Building Officials:
Please note that every attempt is made to keep this list up to date, however changing personnel may result in inaccuracies. You may contact the Office of the State Building Inspector at (860) 713-5900 for possible updates. Note:  P/T=Part time; F/T=Full time.

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