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The NFPA 13D class scheduled on Thursday, June 1 at 6pm will be at the Willington Fire Department and not Mansfield.



Fall 2017 Building Code Enforcement Pre-Licensure Training Program


The Office of Education and Data Management (OEDM) is pleased to announce the Building Code Enforcement Pre-Licensure Training Program starting in September 2017. The application is due to OEDM by August 2, 2017.  Note, applicants must explain how their background and experience meets the statutory and regulatory criteria for the license they are seeking.  Classes are September 5, 2017 – May 8, 2018, and meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., in New Britain.


Download the Fall 2017 PLTP program application 






Fall 2017 Pre-Certification Training Program

OEDM is pleased to present the application for the Fall 2017 Pre-Certification Training program

There is a change to the Fire Code Inspector module that makes it imperative for applicants to adhere to the July 11th application deadline.  While classes start one week later than previous programs, there is an online training module that students must complete by September 8th.  On August 1st, students who are accepted into the Fire Code Inspector module will receive an email confirmation that includes a link and password to the online course.

Important Deadlines:

July 11 – Applications due to OEDM.
August 1– Acceptance/Denial notifications sent.  Fire Code Inspector students given access to online class.
September 8 – Fire Code Inspector online course must be completed to get into class on September 13.
September 12 - Fire Investigator module starts.
September 13 – Fire Code Inspector module starts.
Please forward any questions to Douglas Schanne at 860-713-6432 or douglas.schanne@ct.gov
Career Development Schedule for 2017:
The Office of Education and Data Management (OEDM) announces the Spring 2017 Career Development schedule.  Based on the majority of positive responses to last semester's no registration procedure, OEDM will continue this practice.


About Us

The Office of Education and Data Management (OEDM) is responsible for training and accrediting Building and Fire Code Officials, as well as providing code-related instruction to individuals in the allied trade professions and managing the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) for Connecticut. Professional trainers work closely with members of the Office of State Fire Marshal and Office of the State Building Inspector to develop and teach training curricula that is timely and relevant.

Individuals who wish to become licensed Building Inspectors or certified Fire Officials must pass qualifying examinations.  These exams are developed and administered through the OEDM Testing Unit.   Prior to admittance to an exam, preparatory training programs are offered in both content areas.  These programs run from 18 days to 60 days in length, depending on the accreditation desired.



Once licensure or certification is achieved, Building and Fire Officials are required by statute to earn continuing education credits to maintain accreditation. OEDM, in conjunction with the State Fire Marshal, State Building Inspector and Joint Training Council, develops annual training calendars based on new codes and high-priority topics.  Officials register for classes through OEDM’s administrative arm.


Our office tracks pre-accreditation training, credentialing criteria, continuing education credits, and conference registrations, and manages NFIRS and Burn Injury Reporting for all 256 fire jurisdictions in the state and all reporting health care providers. We also collect the Code Training and Education fees assessed on local building permits.

Contact Information

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Phone: (860) 713-5522
FAX: (860) 920-3093

Email: oedm@ct.gov

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