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William Abbott
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Mission Statement

The Office of State Fire Marshal is part of the Department of Administrative Services This office is responsible to promulgate and enforce codes, standards and regulations to reduce the harm associated with fires, explosions, and mechanical failures. Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 541, Section 29-291 gives the statutory authority to the Office of State Fire Marshal.


NEW SAFETY VIDEOS: The following safety videos cover a multitude of topics in keeping you and your family safe.   From smoke alarms to escape plans to holiday home fires, please take a moment to watch these informative videos.   Please note these are HD videos and can take up to 1-2 minutes to download depending on your internet connection.

Smoke Alarms

Matches are not Toys

Fire Safety for the Hearing Impaired

Fire Escape Plan

Have 2 Ways out of Every Room

Holiday Home Fires


 ********Notice From State Fire Marshal William Abbott*******

'Special Hazard Regulations'

Notice to all Fire Marshals, Deputies and Inspectors:

Pursuant to Section 29-337 of the Connecticut General Statutes, on and after January 1, 2015, regulations adopted by the Commissioner of Administrative Services concerning special hazards, such as liquid petroleum gas, flammable and combustible liquids, gas equipment and piping, and hazardous chemicals shall be incorporated into the Connecticut State Fire Prevention Code (CSFPC).  

The 2015 CSFPC is making its way through the regulation adoption process set forth in Chapter 54 of the Connecticut General Statutes.  Until the new Code is adopted and deemed effective by its posting on the website of the Secretary of the State, be advised that the current special hazards regulations remain in full force and effect . This applies to the following regulations and state codes: Installation of Oil Burners; Storage, Use and Transportation of Flammable and Combustible Liquids; Connecticut Gas Equipment and Piping Code; Connecticut Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas Code; Connecticut Hazardous Chemical Code; and Connecticut Model Rocketry Code.

Contact Jenna Padula, Staff Attorney, Department of Administrative Services, with any questions at Jenna.padula@ct.gov or 860 713-5868.


Connecticut State Fire Prevention Code

Responses to Public Hearing Comments

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NEW        Kidde Recalls Disposable Fire Extinguishers     NEW

Click Here to View Recall Notice


Free Access Widget

Promote free online access to all NFPA codes and standards on your web site, blog, e-newsletter, social media sites, and other digital media.

NFPA has developed several widgets you can embed on your sites to let your readers know how they can easily access any of NFPA's 300 technical documents. NFPA is proud to have been the first organization to provide free public access to privately developed codes and standards. These online documents are "read-only" - they cannot be downloaded or printed, because NFPA relies on the revenues from individuals who  purchase copies of these documents to fund our mission. But these "read only" documents are available to anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with a code or check a requirement. More about free access to NFPA


Effective October 1, 2013, the responsibility for Explosives, Fireworks and Pyrotechnics was returned to the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) by Public Act 13-256.

Permits for the Purchase, Transport and Use of Explosives as well as applications for Fireworks and Special Effects Displays should be sent to:

DESPP - Special Licensing Unit

1111 Country Club Road

Middletown, CT 06457

The Special Licensing Unit can be reached at 860-685-8046.  Other technical questions should be directed to the CSP Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit (FEIU) at 860-706-5600.

Thank You

William Abbott                                Sg.t Mark Grasso

State Fire Marshal                                    CSP    FEIU



Click HERE to review the UL Press Release


Press-Connect Type Metallic Fittings

State Fire Marshal William Abbott and Acting State Building Inspector Joseph V. Cassidy, P.E. have issued the following position paper on the use of press-connect type metallic fittings for use in fuel gas piping pursuant to the provisions of CGS 29-329, specifically the provisions of NFPA 54. 

Click Here to read position paper.    


U.S DOT Emergency Recall Order  - Lite Cylinder Company -

The Pipeline and Hazardous Safety Administration has issued an emergency recall of 55,000+ propane cylinders manufactured by the Lite Cylinder Company.  Click on the link   http://go.usa.gov/bbyV for the Pipeling and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration website regarding this recall.



General Information Notice (GIN) 13-01


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***** 2014 Christmas Bulletin *****

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The Office of the State Fire Marshal has received a reminder for the Centralized Infraction Bureau (CIB) regarding the transmittal of the court original of citation's  issued to the Centralized Infraction Bureau on Form JD-CL-3A.  As a reminder with ALL citations issued, the court original MUST be submitted to Centralized Infraction Bureau on form JD-CL-3A.  The AGENCY CODE box in the upper right hand corner is the letter "F" followed by your town's code.  For example, the town code for Ansonia is 002, the Ansonia Fire Marshal would enter F002 in the agency code box on the transmittal form.  If the letter "F" is not entered, all subsequent correspondence goes to the town's Police Dept., so please ember to enter "F"  fire Fire Marshal.  If there are any questions contact Joe Kingston at OSFM at 860-713-5750 or e-mail joseph.kingston@ct.gov


Reminder to Fire Marshal's

******Cargo Tank Motor Vehicle Inspections******

Public Act 10-54 'An Act Concerning the Legislative Commissioners' Recommendations for Technical Corrections to the Emergency Services and Public Protection Statutes and an Effective Date Change' that amended the effective date change regarding the inspection of Cargo Tank Motor Vehicles by Local Fire Marshals.  Section 6 of PA 10-54 effectively amended the effective date of PA 09-177 section 9, regarding cargo tank motor vehicle inspections, initially extending the required inspections as specified by State Statutes out to January 1, 2013. With the start of 2013, all local fire marshal's are reminded that the revised Connecticut General Statutes Section 29-322 is now in effect, and any town, city or borough is required to have an ordinance in effect to require the local fire marshal to inspect cargo tank motor vehicles.   The Yellow Inspection Cards once issued by this office are NO LONGER AVAILABLE

If there are any questions contact OSFM at 860-713-5750.


Announcement Implementation of the 2009 amendments to the 2005 State Building Code and the 2005 Connecticut State Fire Safety Code shall be effective on August 1, 2009 .

2005 Connecticut State Fire Safety Code (Effective December 31, 2005)

  {MS Word file}    2005 Connecticut State Fire Safety Code

   {Adobe Acrobat PDF}    2005 Connecticut State Fire Safety Code  

   2009 Amendments to the 2005 Connecticut State Fire Safety Code (Effective 8/1/2009)

          {MS Word file}      2005 Connecticut State Fire Safety Code 2009 AMENDMENTS

   2012 Amendment to the 2005 Connecticut State Fire safety Code (Effective 10/2/2012)

          {Adobe Acrobat PDF}        2005 Connecticut State Fire safety Code 2012 Amendments


Connecticut State Fire Prevention Code Effective 7/1/2010  

            {Adobe Acrobat PDF}                2010 Connecticut State Fire Prevention Code

Fire Prevention Code Advisory Committee

Call for Proposals

Public Comment Code change proposals PDF   {Adobe Acrobat PDF}

Public Comment Code change proposals (fillable word document)   {ms word document}


Modifications Granted to the Connecticut State Fire Safety Code

Request for Modification to the Connecticut State Fire Safety Code:
{pdf}   Modification/Relief Procedure
{ms word document}  Modification Application Form
{pdf}   Modification Application Form

Connecticut General Statutes Section 29-315, Educational Sprinkler Waiver 
{ms word document}  Educational Sprinkler Waiver   

Regulations and Codes A listing of regulations and codes currently in effect.

Policy Directives
Directives 1-10 are now available in PDF format.

Abatement sample letters are MS Word format.

Fireworks in Connecticut  

Fire Safe Cigarettes

Previous State Fire Safety Codes

1999 Connecticut State Fire safety Code (Effective May 1, 1999)

2000 amendment to the 1999 Connecticut State Fire Safety Code
(Effective April 7, 2000)

General Information Notices
GINs are being re-evaluated, updated, retired along with new notices in the future

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