DCS: Site Approval Process


Site Approval Process for School Building Projects:


Site Analysis and Environmental Planning


The Site Analysis for School Construction Form (Form SCG-053) is required for all school construction projects and must be submitted with a grant application.

The district is highly encourage to coordinate and possibly arrange for a planning meeting prior to submitting a grant application when site selection is involved, environmental resources may be impacted, and/or if the project may need State/Federal environmental permits or approvals. 

Should the project require construction within new areas of an existing school property or on a new site(s); then the district must obtain Site Approval from DAS.  In cases where the district will seek an acquisition grant for a School Building Project, the district must fill out and complete the entire SCG-053 Form.


Prior to submitting an SCG-053 Form or seeking DAS Site Approval*, the districtís representative or the districtís municipal planning department will need to assess whether the project would directly or indirectly impact environmental resources.  In order for the district to complete the SCG-053 Form, the following environmental mapping websites and the noted resources must be consulted and the findings documented on the SCG-053 Form:


     Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issued Flood Maps


           {FEMA Map Service Center}   
Data to be reviewed:
  • 100-YR Floodplain
  • 500-YR Floodplain
  • Floodway Zones
  • Coastal Hazard Zones


     Connecticut Environmental Conditions Online (UConn-CLEAR)


          {CTEco Advanced Map Viewer}    Data to be reviewed:
  • Inland Wetland Soils
  • Natural Diversity Data Base Area
  • Critical Habitats


    Connecticut Coastal Hazards Viewer (UConn-CLEAR)


          {CTEco Coastal Hazards}   
Data to be reviewed:
  • Hurricane Surge Inundation
  • Erosion Susceptibility Sites
  • Mean High Water Inundation
  • Mean High Water Inundation + 6 in
  • Mean High Water Inundation + 12 in
  • Mean High Water Inundation + 18 in
  • Mean High Water Inundation + 24 in
  • Mean High Water Inundation + 36 in
  • Mean High Water Inundation + 60 in
  • Mean High Water Inundation + 79 in


    State Plan of Conservation and Development Locational Guide Map (OPM)


         {OPM Locational Guide Map}   
Data to be reviewed:
  • Protected Lands
  • Local Historic Districts
  • Undesignated Lands
  • Priority Funding Areas
  • Conservation Areas


* Site approval is required even if there is no acquisition grant involved and construction/disturbance is planned within other areas of the existing (school) property.  The exception to this is if the project is a renovation or minor addition involving no acquisition.


For any questions regarding this process or data or to set up a planning meeting, please contact: Jeff Bolton, DAS Supervising Environmental Analyst at: jeffrey.bolton@ct.gov or (860) 713-5706.

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