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Descriptions of On-Call Contracts

Descriptions of On-Call Contracts


Claims Analysis Consultant (ANLY)

The On-Call Claims Analysis Consultant examines and assesses claims for compensation or damages asserted by, or against, the State arising from a DCS construction project.  The Consultant should have experience with claims submitted by either a design professional or contractor on institutional projects and knowledge of various types of construction scheduling and field/home office costs.


Architectural Consultant (including Interior Design) (ARC)

The On-Call Architectural Consultant provides a broad range of services including studies of state buildings, designs for new construction and renovations, interior design, and oversight during construction.  The Consultant should bring extensive experience of working on different institutional building types and knowledge of client needs.  The Consultant understands material requirements that should be used to address those needs. On projects involving interior renovation of a space or reutilization of rooms/floors and found space, the Consultant provides layouts to demonstrate to Client Agencies the potential of these spaces.   Many of the areas are within institutional space that has special requirements and access.  The Consultant should have experience with institutional space and the specific requirements, including access associated with such space. The Consultant should also have knowledge of types of furniture systems to provide a quick analysis for budgets.


Claims Auditor Consultant (AUD)

The On-Call Auditor Consultant examines and verifies the financial records involved in construction projects. The Consultant’s knowledge and experience with construction enables them to determine the actual project costs related to particular claims including cost mark-ups allowed under contract for any change directive.


Construction Administration Consultant (CA)

The On-Call Construction Administration Consultant provides extensive construction oversight on behalf of DCS staff, including compliance with contract documents and schedule.  The Consultant’s primary business is construction administration (and not design or performing construction work), and they bring experience with institutional building projects.


Civil Engineering Consultant (CIV)

The On-Call Civil Engineering Consultant, like the On-Call Architectural Consultant, provides a broad range of services related to site issues on State property.  The Consultant should have experience with a variety of different site matters, particularly where the site area is limited, and should be knowledgeable about devising solutions.


Energy Consultant (ENGY)

The On-Call Energy Consultant provides studies and, at times, design criteria, for DCS projects in order for the projects to comply with the State's High Performance Building Standards. The Consultant should have working knowledge of all aspects of the statutory and regulatory requirements related to High Performance Building Standards, and the ability to apply them regardless of the size of the project.


Environmental Engineering Consultant (ENV)

The On-Call Environmental Engineering Consultant advises on various environmentally-related matters that arise on DCS or other agency projects.  Knowledge of a variety of environmental issues, and DEEP/EPA requirements for addressing such issues, is important for this On-Call Consultant.


Environmental Policy Act Consultant (EPA)

The On-Call Environmental Policy Act Consultant contract is similar to both the Environmental Engineering Consultant and Energy Consultant contracts, in terms of the services provided to the State. The Consultant is principally utilized to identify Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) issues for a given project as well as the requirements to address them. The Consultant, consequently, should have extensive experience and knowledge of various CEPA and NEPA requirements and their applicability to a particular project.


Hazardous Materials Consultant (HAZ)

The On-Call Hazardous Materials Consultant provides such services as the preparation of reports, plans, specifications and cost estimates for various State-owned buildings. Work may include program administration, inspections, assessments, analytical laboratory sample analysis, report preparation, preparation of contract documents, consultations during construction, and monitoring of contractors.  Certain services to be provided under this contract may require the auxiliary use of specialized firms and individuals certified by the CT Department of Public Health.


Multi-Disciplined Engineering Consultant (MDE)

The On-Call Multi-Disciplined Engineering Consultant, as the title suggests, has the ability to provide services in a variety of specialized disciplines including structural, mechanical/electrical and civil.  Having all of the services in the one firm provides better coordination and efficiencies on DCS projects.


Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Engineering Consultant (MEP)

The On-Call MEP Engineering Consultant is a specialty On-Call consultant that has engineers for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems within its firm.  This On-Call contract is utilized when it would be too difficult to undertake one of these activities without involving another.


Roofing Consultant (ROOF)

The On-Call Roofing Consultant provides a range of services relating to the issues arising from various roofing systems on state buildings. The Consultant should have knowledge of different types of roofing systems, and experience resolving waterproofing issues and moisture penetration problems.


Scheduling Consultant (SCHL)

The On-Call Scheduling Consultant assists in developing construction schedules and cost-estimating.  The Consultant should have knowledge of Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera products.


Structural Engineering Consultant

The On-Call Structural Engineering Consultant provides structural design services on projects and systems, including foundation, wall, column, and beam designs of a broad range and size.  The Consultant should have experience with a range of building types and systems, and knowledge of various bearing capacities of soils commonly found in Connecticut.


Telecommunications Consultant (TEL)

The On-Call Telecommunications Consultant is used exclusively on Board of Regents projects where permission has been obtained from the CT Department of Administrative Services “Bureau of Enterprise Systems and Technology” to undertake small projects, and involves advice and design for both data and telecom projects.


Vehicular Parking Consultant (VEH)

The On-Call Vehicular Parking Consultant provides designs for parking lots and parking garages, including egress and exiting into streets (traffic engineering).  The Consultant should have knowledge of the procedures of the CT Department of Transportation “Office of the State Traffic Administration” and all other issues involved in parking areas including drainage, lighting, and emergency issues.  Some background in structural engineering will help in evaluating the condition of parking garages.


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