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All On-Call Request for Qualifications (RFQs) require that you submit specific materials in order to qualify for the "Quality Based Selection" (QBS) Procedure for On-Call Consultant Services.


     --  For On-Call RFQ Submittal Materials, click on the "DCS Library" tab at the top of the

          DCS Website and scroll down to “1212 QBS Submittal Booklet Requirements”.  


     --  For a description of the On-Call QBS Procedure, click on the "DCS Library" tab at the

          top of the DCS Website and scroll down  to “0330 On-Call Consultant Services Selections

          & Task Assigment Procedure Manual".


All documents related to the RFQ and QBS procedures can be found on the DCS Website (www.ct.gov/dcs) under the "DCS Library" tab at the top of the webpage.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING IF YOU ARE AN MBE CONSULTANT:  For consideration as an MBE consultant for any On-Call Consultant Contract, the MBE consultant is required to provide a copy of its current MBE Certification behind the Division 6 Tab ("SBE and/or MBE Certifications") of their QBS Submittal Booklet.  Any MBE Consultant's QBS Submittal Booklet that does not contain a copy of their current MBE Certification will not be considered as an MBE firm.


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