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About Us


The Department of Construction Services (DCS) was created by Public Act 11-51 and Public Act 11-61.  Effective July 1, 2011, DCS consolidated services provided by the Bureau of Design and Construction from the former Department of Public Works (DPW), the Bureau of School Facilities from the State Department of Education (SDE) and the Division of Fire and Building Services from the former Department of Public Safety (DPS), which includes the Office of the State Building Inspector, the Office of Education and Data Management and the Office of State Fire Marshal. 


DCS is the state’s primary agency for executive and judicial branch construction-related services; administration of the state school construction grant program; and development, administration and training of state building and fire safety codes. 


Organizational Structure

The DCS is organized into three main branches:
  • Division of Design and Construction.  Implement and administer state capital project planning and management for the majority of state agencies by working with them in the areas of facilities planning, design, construction, and technical expertise; administer and promote High Performance Building or Sustainable Design guidelines for capital projects; design and implement energy retrofit projects to existing state buildings; review and approve Life Cycle Cost Analysis submissions for all state-funded new buildings, additions or renovations; provide technical expertise in regulatory compliance in the areas of permits, mitigation, hazardous materials (lead, asbestos, PCBs, mold), and soil contamination; administer the State Asbestos Program; and provide geographical information system support for state agencies, including real estate inventories.
  • Bureau of School Facilities.  Evaluate and process school construction grant applications from municipalities, regional school districts, and other statutorily eligible entities; create the School Construction Priority List for review and approval by the legislative branch; issue grant commitments; determine adequacy and reasonability of a proposed new school facility site; review final project contract documents including construction plans for bid approval requirements and grant eligibility; process reimbursement payment requests; and compile the triennial statewide Condition of Facilities report. 
  • Division of Fire and Building Services, Office of the State Building Inspector, Office of State Fire Marshal, and Office of Education and Data Management.  Work with the State Codes and Standards Committee to develop, adopt and administer state building and fire safety codes and the fire prevention code, provide interpretations and clarifications of code language; act upon requests for code modifications and waivers; review construction drawings, issue building permits and inspect large state buildings; train and credential building and fire code officials; inspect and issue operating certificates for boilers and elevators; issue demolition and crane licenses; maintain burn injury and fire incident reporting systems; and provide technical assistance to state agencies, municipal code officials, design and construction professionals, and building owners. 

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