DCP: Electrical License

Electrical License


  • Contractors provide copy of journeyperson license.

  • Journeyperson - Completion of the apprenticeship program administered by the Connecticut Department of Labor, Apprentice Training Division or Electrical Work Examining Board approval of documented equivalent experience and training.

Required Documentation:

  • Journeyperson - Apprenticeship Completion Letter, or for those seeking consideration of equivalent experience and training, signed notarized statements from occupational related employers detailing dates and duties of employment, totaling a minimum of 8,000 hours and proof of equivalent trade-related education authored by a professional educator qualified to offer such analysis. A list of the Connecticut Apprenticeship required courses. Detailed information on the these required courses can be obtained by contacting the Department of Education.

Applications, Forms & Other:

Application Fee:

  • Contractor $150.00; Journeyperson $90.00

Other Information:

Email Address:




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