DCP: Verify a Liquor Permit

Verify a Liquor Permit

Select "Verify a License" on the Department of Consumer Protection's website, or enter the URL www.elicense@ct.gov into your web browser.

On the eLicensing Website screen, double-click on “Lookup a License” on left side of page.

{verify 1}



A search screen will display.  You can search with various types of information that you have.

1. Scroll down to choose the permit type, if you know it.

2. Scroll and enter the permit number if you have it from an ad, a business card or a contract.

3. You can search by the business name.

4. You can enter the permitee's first and last name.

5. Entering the city, state and zip will help.

{permit 1a}



Using options 1 and 3 above, a search for a "Cafe Liquor" permit with "East" as part of the business name found 6 results.

{permit 2aa}



Selecting the "Detail" link on the left of the name will provide more information.

{permit 3}



After selecting "Detail," you will get a screen with more information. 

{permit 4b}



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