DCP: How to Register

How to Register

To register for a CPMRS account: {Login}

Please visit the CPMRS website at https://www.ctpmp.com and click on "Not a member? Register" link. This will initiate an automated registration process.

  • Please provide your basic contact information and indicate your status as a Practitioner, Pharmacy or Law Enforcement.
  • Once the registration application is submitted online, you will receive a confirmation page. Print the confirmation page and have the form notarized by a licensed notary.
  • Fax the notarized confirmation page along with a copy of your driverís license, passport or government issued photo identification card to (860) 622-2608.
  • Once your registration has been processed, your username and password will be e-mailed to the address provided on the form.

This portal allows registered prescribers (for patients under their care), pharmacists (for customers seeking to have a prescription filled) and law enforcement (for prescription fraud investigations) to enter a patient's first name, last name, and date of birth to generate a report of all issued prescription drugs (Schedule II, III, IV and V).

To provide the appropriate security for access, all account passwords must be changed every 90 days (the system will prompt the user to change it).


Be assured that DCP and Optimum Technology carefully protect patient confidentiality. Access to the data is limited to registered users only.

NEW: Upgrades to the CPMRS System
  • Alerts - are now available at the top of the View Report page next to the "Patient History Report.PDF" document. All alerts are listed in one pdf document for easy access and viewing.
  • Statistical Report - has been added for the administrative side of the CPMRS. This report will allow the administrator to view the total number of reports requested per individual.
  • Automatic Registration Renewal - The system administrator would be able to select the number of years a user group (Practitioner, Pharmacy, Law Enforcement, etc.) can be registered in the system. The system will look at the approval date and include a renewal date based on the number of years provided by the system admin.
These upgrades were supported with funds awarded by The Governor's Prevention Partnership .

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