DCP: For Consumers: The Lemon Law Program

For Consumers: The Lemon Law Program

If you drive a "lemon" automobile that you purchased or leased in Connecticut, you may be eligible for the State’s new vehicle arbitration program.
The "Lemon Law" is a nickname for a program created by Connecticut General Statute Chapter 743b, "Automotive Warranties." Under the law, the arbitration program is an informal process for resolving disputes between consumers and automobile manufacturers.
The law applies to all new passenger, combination registered vehicles and motorcycles purchased or leased in Connecticut:
  • Which do not conform to the manufacturer’s express warranty
  • Which have substantial defects affecting the use, safety or value of the vehicle AND
  • The repairs must have been addressed during the eligibility period
  • Have manufacturer's defects that occurred during the first two (2) years from the original owner’s delivery date or the first 24,000 miles on the odometer (whichever period ends first).   Read more about the program  

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