DCP: Home Improvement for Consumers

Home Improvement for Consumers

Anyone who performs improvements on residential property (single- or multiple-family dwellings of six units or less, condos or co-ops), when the individual job exceeds $200 and when the cash price of all work performed in one year exceeds $1,000 is considered a home improvement contractor and must register in order to legally operate in the state.
The Department of Consumer Protection registers all home improvement contractors doing business in Connecticut, enforces the state's Home Improvement Act, and administers the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund for consumers.  
Specific skilled work often done as part of a home improvement project often requires additional training, expertise, and licensing.
NEW! Public Act 12-184, effective October 1, 2012, requires a battery-operated smoke detector and, if there is a fuel-burning appliance, a carbon monoxide detector in any one or two family home that is being occupied during any interior alterations and additions that require a building permit. The new law amends the State Fire Code.

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