DCP: Home Improvement for Consumers

Home Improvement for Consumers

Having repairs or improvements done to your property is a big responsibility. Aside from the cost of the work and materials, if the job isn't done well, you could find yourself with more problems than before. Each year, more consumers complain to the Department about home improvement issues than anything else. 
By law, all home improvement contractors and home improvement salespersons doing work in Connecticut must be registered with the Department of Consumer Protection. That includes roofers, remodeling contractors, driveway pavers, and anyone who installs fences, flooring or windows, to name just a few.  Be sure any home improvement worker that you hire is actively registered with the Department of Consumer Protection.   
The Department of Consumer Protection registers all home improvement contractors and salespersons in order to offer some protection for consumers.  We also enforce the state's Home Improvement Act, and administer the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund for consumers.  
Under the law, a home improvement contractor is anyone who:
  • performs improvements on residential property (single- or multiple-family dwellings of six units or less, condos or co-ops),
  • when the individual job exceeds $200 and
  • when the cash price of all work performed in one year exceeds $1,000
 Skilled work often done as part of a home improvement project (such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC) will require additional training, expertise, and licensing.
The sections below will provide more specific guidance.

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