DCP: Pharmacist License

Pharmacist License

In the State of Connecticut, a Pharmacist can obtain a license by four different means:
Each of these different types of licensure have specific requirements which are detailed on their respective pages.  Please click the specific type of licensure that applies to you and follow the instructions provided.  If you have questions about any of the specific licensure types please send an email to DCP.PharmacistLicense@ct.gov.
If you are already licensed as a Pharmacist in the State of Connecticut, here are some more links that may be of interest to you:
Please use the following email addresses for questions:
Commission of Pharmacy - DCP.COP@ct.gov
Pharmacist License - DCP.PharmacistLicense@ct.gov
In-State Pharmacy License - DCP.PharmacyLicense@ct.gov
Non-Resident Pharmacy License - DCP.PharmacyNRLicense@ct.gov
Mailing Address:
Department of Consumer Protection
Commission of Pharmacy 
165 Capitol Ave, Room 147
Hartford, CT 06106

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