DCP: Pharmacy License within the State of Connecticut

Pharmacy License within the State of Connecticut


This registration is required for businesses that reside within the State of Connecticut and wish to engage in the business of Pharmacy.


Prior to obtaining this registration you will be required to appear before the Commission of Pharmacy and be subject to an inspection by the Department of Consumer Protection, Drug Control Division.

Required Documentation:

  • Complete the application below.
  • Blueprints of the pharmacy
  • Copy of the pharmacy label
  • Specifications of the Safe

Applications, Forms & Other:
  • New Pharmacy Application (Please provide an email address to allow the Commission of Pharmacy to communicate with you more efficiently. (If you have already submitted an application and would like to add or change an email address in your file please email DCP.PharmacyLicense@ct.gov )
    • Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration may be required for Wholesalers of Drugs that include controlled substances. The application can be found here: www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov
  • To change information pertaining to your Pharmacy License please use the New Pharmacy Application above and select the appropriate type(s) of change and fee(s) required.
    • Note: This license expires annually on August 31st

Application Fee:
  • New Pharmacy License - $750
  • Renewal of Pharmacy License - $190
    • Change of Location - $190
    • Change of Owner - $90
    • Change of Manager - $90
    • Change of Name - $90
    • Change of Officers/Directors - $60
Mailing Address:

Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection

License Services Division
450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 801
Hartford, CT 06103

Email Address:

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