DCP: Temporary Liquor Permits

Temporary Liquor Permits

Do I Qualify for a Temporary Permit?
Identify which permit type you will require:
Required Steps for completing this application:
  1. Go online, login or register an account, and print the application to collect signatures.
  2. Create an 8 1/2" x 11" sketch of the event area that includes:
    • Where alcoholic beverages will be dispensed
    • The manner by which service to minors will be controlled
  3. Gather additional Required Documentation:
    • For any Permittee who has been convicted of a felony include a statement that includes the date of the conviction(s), the court(s) where the case(s) were disposed of and a description of the circumstances involved.
    • For any charity that does not have a Federal Tax Identification Number include a copy of the tax identification letter.
  4. Bring the application, sketch and any other documentation to city/town hall in the town the event is being held and get signatures of the:
    • City/Town Hall Clerk Certifying that the event complies with town ordinances.
    • The Fire Marshal Certifying that the event complies with the local fire code (only required if the event is held indoors or in a tent)
    • The City/Town Zoning Official Indicating that the sale of alcohol is allowed at that location.
    • The principal police authority for the town indicating their approval of the event.
  5. Bring all the above to Police Authority in the city/town where the Permittee resides (this may be the same police authority in the prior step). This authority indicates the suitability of the Permittee.
  6. Scan the signed application, sketch and additional documentation (if you do not have a scanner you may substitute clear, readable digital photographs)
  7. Return to your online account and the application you began, and complete the online application.  Upload the scanned application, sketch and documents when asked. 
If no problems are found, you will be notified via email of your approval. Your notification will include your Liquor Permit.

Donít Forget!  Bring the Liquor Permit to the town/city hall in the town that the event is being held so that they may record the permit.
  • Speed: Electronic communications makes the online application fastest.
  • More Speed: The work you do is recognized by handling online applications first.
  • Even More Speed: Online applications prompt you to include all required information so errors and delays are reduced.
  • The Fastest Way to Get Your Permit: When done, we email the permit to you.  No more snail mail or coming to Hartford.
Not in a rush?  You can still complete the paper application and mail in the paper application.  To do so, complete steps 1 through 5 from the list above then mail the application to the address listed on the form.

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