DCP: Plumbing and Piping Work Examining Board

Plumbing and Piping Work Examining Board

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 Board Members 
  • Charles Appleby, Sr., Unlimited Contractor         
  • James Piccoli, Unlimited Contractor                     
  • Christopher Bowman, Unlimited/General Contractor               
  • George Sima, Well Drilling Contractor                        
  • Frank DaCato, Unlimited Journeyperson                     
  • John Damico, Unlimited Journeyperson                        
  • Anthony Calandrino, Unlimited Journeyperson                              
  • Peter Alfieri, Unlimited Journeyperson                         
  • Melissa Sheffy, Public Member                  
  • Carl Schaefer, Public Member                        
  • Joyce Topshe, Public Member                              
Monthly Calendar
 Meeting Agenda          
Meeting Minutes         
January 2016 (Meeting cancelled)

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