DCP: Common Elements
Common Elements
 Christmas Tree Advertising
 Advertising (Misleading or False)
 Airline Complaints
 Animal Control
 Antique Dealers
 Apartment Listing Service
 Art Dealer on Consignment
 Attorney General
 Consignment (Art)
 Auctions and Auctioneers
 Automobile Deposit
 Automobile Lease Agreement
 Automobile Lease Advertising
 Automobile Mechanic
 Automobile Rental
 Automotive Repair
 Automobile Reposession
 Automobile Safety
 Automobile Towing
 Automobile Used Car Warranty
 Bait and Switch Advertising
 Banks and Banking
 Better Business Bureau
 Boats and Boating
 Bottle Bill
 Bottled Water
 Boxing and Wrestling
 Buying Clubs
 Cable Television
 Cash Register Readouts
 Cell Phones
 Check Cashing Services
 Chief State's Attorney
 Children and Families
 Cigarette Sales
 Close-Out Sales
 Labels on Clothing
 Collection Agencies
 Computer Crime
 Consumer Credit
 Consumer Credit Counseling
 Contingent Transaction
 Crane Operators
 Credit Bureaus
 Credit Union
 Dairies and Dairy Products
 Dating Services
 Day Care
 Automobile Dealers
 Dental Hygienist
 Dentists and Dentistry
 Bail Bondsman
 Security Guard
 Device Registration
 Dry Cleaning
 Economic Development
 Elevator Safety and Repair
 Heating Fuel
 Professional Engineer
 Environmental Protection
 Excavator and Excavation
 Food and Drug Administration
 Food Safety
 Fire Investigation
 Returns and Exchanges
 Explosive Devices
 Express Warranties
 Extended Warranties
 Exterminators (Pest Control)
 Faxes and Faxing
 Fire Marshal
 Fire Protection Systems
 Fishing or Hunting License
 Fortune Telling
 Freedom of Information
 Game Promotion
 Gas Pipelines
 Gift Certificates and Gift Cards
 Clothing Labels
 Grey Market
 Gun Permit
 Handicapped Parking Permits
 Hazardous Materials
 Health Care
 Health Clubs
 Health Club Guaranty Fund
 Hearing Aids
 Heat -- Provided to Tenants
 Heating and Cooling
 Heating Fuel
 Higher Education
 Home Builders Association
 Home Food Service Plan
 Home Health Care Agency
 Home Improvement Guaranty Fund
 Home Inspector
 Home Solicitation
 Hospital Billing
 Human Rights and Opportunities
 Implied Warranty
 Imports - Exports
 Interior Designers
 Internet Fraud
 Movers and Moving
 Multi-Level Marketing
 Information Index
 Labor Department
 Land Surveyors
 Landscape Architects
 Legal Assistance
 Legislature (Connecticut)
 Livery Service
 Mail Order Service
 Reducing Junk Mail
 Major Contractor
 Managed Care
 Mechanical Contractor
 Medical Associations
 Medical Records
 Mental Health
 Mismarked Items
 Modeling Agencies
 Motor Vehicle Department
 Negative Option
 New Home Contractor
 New Home Warranty
 Non-Profit Organization
 Nurses and Nursing
 Nursing Homes
 Occupational Therapy
 Odometer Tampering
 Oil Burner Technician
 Optician and Opthalmologist
 Outdoor Amusements
 Pawnshop and Pawn Broker
 Pension Assistance
 Pet Stores
 Pharmacy Commission
 Physicians, Psychiatrists and Psychologists
 Propane Gas
 Propane Fuel
 Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities
 Public Health, Department of
 Public Safety
 Radio and Television Repair
 Real Estate
 Real Estate Guaranty Fund
 Repair of Consumer Goods
 Department of Revenue Services
 Secretary of the State
 Self Storage
 Septic Tank / Sewer
 Sheet Metal Work
 Shorthand Reporters
 Small Claims Court
 Solar Heating System
 State Library
 Stage 11 Vapor
 Sterilization Permit
 Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
 Talent Agencies
 Tattoos / Body Piercing
 Taxi Cab
 Television and Radio
 Three-Day Right to Cancel a Contract
 Ticket Sales
 Trademark Infringement -- Knockoffs
 Knockoff Items
 Transportation, Department of
 Travel Agents
 Unclaimed Property
 Unfair Photographic Sales Practices
 Professional Photography
 Unit Pricing
 Universal Pricing Code -- UPC Code
 Unsolicited Goods
 Vending Machine
 Weight Loss
 Well Drilling
 Work at Home Offers
 Worker's Compensation
 Federal Agencies
 Bait and Switch
 Public Service Technician
 Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
 Item Pricing
 Itinerant Vendor
 Banks and Credit Unions
 Games of Chance
 Tax Exempt
 Remodeling Association
 Real Estate
 Prescription Medicine
 Credit and Finances
 Bath Salts
 K2, Spice, Salvia and Other Synthetic Marijuana Products
 Dual Agency
 Metrology Laboratory
 Pyramid Schemes

 Information for Consumers
 Information for Licensees
 Real Estate Information for Consumers
 For Licensees
 Information for Home Improvement Contractors
 Information for New Home Construction Contractors
 Frequently Asked Questions for Community Association Managers
 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Interstate Land Sales
 Frequently Asked Questions About Timeshares
 New Home Construction Contractor Applications
 "Tips for Homebuyers – Working with Agents and Lenders"

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