DCP: License Services Division
License Services Division
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 Licenses, Certificates and Registrations Granted by the Department of Consumer Protection
 Renewal Dates and Fees
 Reinstatement of Real Estate License
 Department of Consumer Protection Licenses, Registrations, and Permits with Associated Prefix Codes
 Information for Real Estate and Appraisal Schools
 Registration Requirements and Process For Out of State Developments to Sell and Promote in Connecticut
 Buying or Selling Real Estate
 Real Estate for Consumers
 Working with a Buyer's Agent
 Responsibilities of a Buyer's Agent
 Responsibilities of a Seller's Agent
 Real Estate Complaints and Guaranty Fund
 Working with a Seller's Agent
 How to Choose a Buyer's Agent
 How to Choose a Seller's Agent
 Things to Know About Working with a Buyer's Agent
 Things to Know About Working with a Seller's Agent
 Foreclosure/Short-Sale Contacts for Connecticut Consumers
 Connecticut Timeshare Owners: Beware of Resale Offers
 Verify a License, Permit or Registration
 Service Suspended for System Upgrades
 To Renew Online
 Selling a Timeshare
 Site under maintenance
 Connecticut Real Estate Commission - Student Rights
 Certified Public Accountants - Licensing
 CPA Educational Requirements
 CPA Application Process
 Change to Existing Registration/License
 CPA Renewal
 eLicense Help Page
 Walk-In Center Policies
 Fast Track Renewal