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Apr 30, 2013

Q3 Coaching Series: Conquering Assessment Challenges & Getting the Most out of the Tool


    Barbara Estrada, M.S.
    GAIN Senior Clinical and Evaluation Consultant
    Chestnut Health Systems

DATE:   April 20, 2013

TIME:  10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

TARGET AUDIENCE:  Staff who routinely administers the GAIN-Q3.

TRAINING CAPACITY:  20 Participants

BRIEF DESCRIPTION:   This coaching session will focus on managing and conquering common challenges that arise while administering the GAIN-Q3 assessment including:

  • working with cognitively impaired clients,
  • building and maintaining rapport,
  • asking potentially intrusive questions,
  • improving administration time,
  • discussing the cultural sensitivity of assessment,
  • conducting assessments during crisis,
  • encouraging adolescents to provide honest answers,
  • resolving inconsistencies,
  • conducting follow-ups,
  • identifying tools that make the job easier:  laptops, software, hardware and
  • incorporating additional sources of information (e.g. parental assessment) into the assessment

GOALS OF THE TRAINING: The purpose of this training is to provide coaching and technical assistance to staff who already use the GAIN-Q3, to answer questions, and to brainstorm and provide solutions to common challenges encountered while administering the tool.  Staff who attend this session will be able to:

  • describe and implement new strategies to manage a variety of challenges that arise during an assessment,
  • describe strategies that will improve their ability to establish and maintain rapport with clients
  • describe strategies to improve the time it takes to administer a GAIN-Q3 assessment
  • describe and demonstrate techniques to resolve inconsistencies in reporting
  • describe the technical equipment (hardware, software) that facilitate the GAIN-Q3 assessment
  • describe and demonstrate how to integrate multiple sources of information

PRE-REQUISITES:  There are no specific pre-requisites to attend this coaching call, but this session may be most useful for staff who have some experience using the GAIN-Q3.

LOCATION:  Webinar
This session will be held via webinar. You will need access to a phone and computer with an internet connection to attend this session.  Log-in information will be included via email after you register and are confirmed as a participant in the session.

NOTE: You may want to test your computer access to the webinar in advance of the session.  Instructions for setting up and testing your system will be included in the setup email.

Location: Webinar

10 AM - 11:30 AM

Contact: Melissa Sienna
14 of 20 seats still available
Last day to register: 4/29/2013
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