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May 29, 2013

Medication Administration Recertification

Recertification Review and Exam


DATE:  May 29, 2013 (Class 9:00 - 1:00, Exam 2:00 - 4:00)



Recertification for medication administration is required every two years.  Medication certified staff currently employed at a DCF licensed or operated child caring facility and whose certification is in good standing may recertify.  The recertification exam must be completed before the certificate’s expiration date.  Staff may recertify any time before the expiration date. 


Staff whose DCF Medication Certification is under suspension may not recertify until the suspension is lifted.  If the certificate expires while under suspension, the employee is no longer medication certified and must retake and pass the Basic Medication Administration class. The staff will be required to successfully complete all the steps for Basic certification.

Staff who allow their certifications to expire may not administer medications until they have become certified again.  Exceptions are not made.


Recertification Course Components:

  • Self Study – Participants are expected to prepare themselves for the Recertification exam. Materials are available on the DCF Medication Administration webpage.  Endorsed instructors and supervising nurses are encouraged to offer comprehensive reviews for their staff needing recertification.
  • Optional Review Class – A brief review of essential learner objectives is offered every month by the DCF Medication Administration training program.  Consult the schedule posted on the program's webpage for dates and locations. 
Mandatory Written Exam 
  • A passing score of 85% or better is required to be recertified in medication administration.
  • The exam is based on learner objectives and consists of multiple choices, true/false, matching and fill-in-the-blank questions.
Issuance of a Certificate - A new certificate effective for two years will be issued to those who pass the Recertification exam.   The original certificate is to be given to the staff person after copies are made for facility records.

Anyone who fails the DCF Recertification exam is no longer DCF medication certified immediately upon failure and notification of the failure is made to the participant's employing facility.  He or she may not administer medications.


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Location: Woodland Street Training Ctr., 61 Woodland Street, Hartford, CT 06105
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9 AM - 4 PM

Contact: Jane MacFarlane
Phone: 860-550-5088
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