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Sibling Connections Camp
August 3-9, 2014

6h annual Sibling Connections Camp is scheduled for the week of August 3rd through August 9th at the Channel 3 Kids Camp in Andover, CT. This program is funded by DCF and is free to eligible children/youth.

The Channel 3 Kids camp was awarded the contract to provide a week long camp experience focused on reconnecting siblings placed in out of home care.  The camp subcontracted with Wheeler Clinic to provide therapeutic support to campers who may require intervention.

Siblings between the ages of 8 and 17 are eligible to attend overnight camp. No applications for day campers will be accepted.

In order to increase attendance, we have expanded eligibility to include:

  • Children/youth placed in foster care, relative care, shelter or group home settings are eligible to attend.  Siblings, who are placed in a residential care facility, will be considered.
  • A sibling who has been reunified with parents or placed into an adoptive home is eligible to attend camp as long as one sibling is DCF involved.  The parent/guardian must provide authorization for them to participate.

Children/youth presenting recent severe behavioral issues (e.g. firesetting, sexually reactive behavior, aggression) are ineligible. Children and youth with a documented clinical reason for not being placed together with their siblings are also ineligible.

Traditional camp activities will be available to all campers including archery, arts and crafts, swimming, hiking, nature programs, performing arts, camping, computer programs, fishing, ropes and other experiential learning courses.

The camp will provide transportation to all children/youth attending. Pick up and drop off locations will be determined once all applications have been received and approved.

The deadline for registration is Friday, May 9, 2014.  Please see attached brochure for further details.   The attached application must be completed and submitted to the camp prior to the deadline. 

Please e-mail or fax application directly to the camp to
Melissa Shea at m.shea@channel3kidscamp.org ,  or to fax # 860-742-3298. 
phone number is 860-742-2267 x 100

Should you have any questions, please contact
Domingo Lazu, MSW (Program Manager) at 860-550-6380 or Domingo.Lazu@ct.gov

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