DCF: 48-14-6.4

Policy Manual
Selection of Adoptive Family

Permanency Planning Teams: Selection Method

Review Process The team review process will begin with a presentation on the child(ren) being discussed and an opportunity for team members to raise questions about the child(ren). Each family will then be discussed individually. It is difficult to compare families, especially when there are several "raters" who may place different weight or value on different characteristics.
Selection System To select the family that appears to be best able to meet the
child's needs, the following numerical rating system will be used.

(The numbers 3 and 4 have been eliminated to avoid "middle of the
road" comparisons).

Rating Description
1 Not Appropriate
2 A possibility after some consultation has been done
5 Some good points for this child
6 A close second. The family has many strengths
7 Most appropriate family on paper for this child
Selection Process The selection process is as follows.

•Each team member including the child's Social Worker or supervisor will rate the families and give reasons supporting their rating.

•Rating sheets will be given to the Chairperson during the meeting.

•Ratings will be tallied using the Rating Sheet (DCF-2048) and averaged with an average rating of five (5.0) or better required in order to proceed with consideration of a family.

•The family with the highest average rating of five or above is the family selected for the placement.

•A second and third choice should also be identified if the most appropriate family cannot be used as an adoptive placement resource.

•In the event of a tie, the Chairperson's decision shall be final.

•Each member of the team has one (1) vote. The minimum number of committee members who must be present in order to select a family for a child is seven (7) in the larger offices and five (5) in the smaller offices.

Appeal Process There is an appeal process for circumstances where the child's worker and supervisor disagree with the team's decision. The appeal must be made in writing to the Chairperson within five (5) working days of the team meeting.

The written appeal must clearly demonstrate the reasons why the worker/ supervisor disagree with the team's decision.

The Chairperson, after careful review of the team minutes, child information, and appeal material, will issue a decision in writing to the worker and the supervisor within ten (10) working days. The Chairperson's decision will be final.

Connecticut Department of Children and Families Issued: March 1, 1994