DCF: DCF-Probate 001 Connecticut Department of Children and Families DCF: DCF-Probate 001
Chapter 46



Attachment DCF/Probate 001 to Policy 46-4-1 through 4

(Revised March 29, 2012)








The Honorable [name of Probate Court Judge]

Court of Probate, District of [name of town]




RE:  _      _______________        D.O.B.   _      __________

          (Name of Child)


Dear Judge _       _____ :


Pursuant to Section 3. a. and  3. b. of the 2011 "Interagency Agreement Between the Office of the Probate Court Administrator, the Judicial Branch and the Department of Children and Families," notice is hereby given to the Court of Probate of the pendency of a matter involving the above captioned child(ren) in the Superior Court for Juvenile Matters at [name of court]. 


After much consideration, DCF, has determined that the needs of the family would be better served through the Superior Court.  As such, on [date], the Department of Children and Families filed [a] petition(s) in the Superior Court on behalf of said child(ren).    


DCF is requesting that the Court of Probate communicate with the Superior Court and determine which court should proceed and which court should dismiss the matter.    



If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, [current social worker name] at [telephone number],







_       ________________________

Probate Social Worker


cc: File

      All Attorneys of Record

      All Pro Se Parties

      Superior Court for Juvenile Matters 

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