DCF: 48-7-3

 Policy Manual
Case Transfer Process When Goal Is Adoption

Transfer of Case Following Termination of Parental Rights

Mandatory Transfer The transfer of a case to an adoption specialist after Termination of Parental Rights is mandatory if the child will not be adopted by foster parents or a pre-adoptive home cannot be identified within ninety (90) days of Termination of Parental Rights. The transfer is completed by using the Adoption Referral/Transfer Plan (DCF-2035), attaching a completed Child Registration (DCF-336) and giving the forms to the adoption unit supervisor.
Transfer Procedures The procedures for a mandatory transfer to the adoption specialist are as follows:

•The adoption unit supervisor will review the referral form and assign to adoption specialist upon receipt of referral.

•The adoption unit supervisor shall ensure that the record is organized according to the Uniform Case Record format.

•The adoption specialist shall review the record within five (5) working days of receipt of the DCF-2035 from the supervisor.

•Within five (5) working days after review of the record, the adoption specialist shall meet with the treatment worker. The treatment worker shall have informed the foster parent/caretaker and the child that their case is being transferred.

•Upon transfer of the case and initial consultation between the treatment worker and adoption specialist, the treatment worker shall arrange an initial meeting to introduce the adoption specialist to the foster family, residential staff and/or present caretaker.

•The treatment worker and adoption specialist shall arrange two (2) subsequent visits within the next two (2) weeks between both workers and child. The focus of these visits will be to acquaint the child with new worker and formulate the transfer plan.

•The treatment worker and adoption specialist shall develop a plan for ongoing meetings with the child and when the treatment worker will terminate his or her relationship with child.

Connecticut Department of Children and Families Issued: March 1, 1994

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