DCF: 47-5-5

 Policy Manual

Aftercare Services

Policy Referrals may be made through the Interstate Compacts Office.
Procedures for Aftercare in Another State It is the responsibility of the Deputy Administrator to arrange for evaluation and aftercare with other states. If use of the Interstate Compact is necessary or desired in order to facilitate the obtainment of aftercare services in another state, the Deputy Administrator is to be notified and appropriate authorization should be received prior to the discharge of a patient to a relative or other individual in another state.

Information to be submitted to the Deputy Administrator is to include:

貧ame, address, and relationship of the person to whom the patient is to be released

病 general statement of the aftercare plan

病ssessment of the interest of the patient in the plan

付herapeutic benefits to be derived by the patient

不ummary of the clinical history of the patient with the results of psychological testing

付ypes and dosages of medication.

Connecticut Department of Children and Families Issued: March 1, 1994

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