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Policy Manual

Central Registry

Central Registry - Perpetrators


The Department of Children and Families shall maintain a Central Registry of substantiated perpetrators of child abuse and/or neglect.

Legal References

  • CONN. GEN. STAT. §17a-28 and §17a-101    
  • REG. CONN. STATE AGENCIES §17a-101-1 through §17a-101-10


The primary purpose of the Central Registry is child protection through prevention and identification of abuse and/or neglect of children.


The Central Registry -  Perpetrators/Perpetrators’ Registry consists of the names

  • of those persons who have been substantiated as perpetrators of child abuse and/or neglect and 
  • maintained in the Department’s computer system (LINK). 

The following information is displayed in a perpetrator search of the LINK system:

  • perpetrator’s name, gender, date of birth, race and address
  • case name and number
  • date of investigation
  • substantiated allegations, and
  • whether the information is discloseable or not discloseable.
Access to the Registry

Access to the Central Registry shall be limited to duly authorized Department employees for purposes of obtaining information for the investigation of child abuse and neglect, background checks, and other uses permitted by law.

Prospective employers or licensing authorities are permitted to request background checks for any person, provided they submit a release signed by the subject of the background check.

The Connecticut Departments of Public Health and Social Services may request background checks without signed releases pursuant to state statute.

Legal References

  • Conn. Gen. Stat. §17a-28(f) and §17a101k(b).
Information That May be Disclosed 

The DCF Carelineshall disclose only the following information in response to a request for a background check:

  • perpetrator’s name
  • the substantiated allegations of abuse or neglect, and
  • the date(s) of the investigation(s).

The Hotline may also refer the requestor to the regional office that conducted the investigation for further information. 

If the requestor is the Department of Public Health or Social Services, the regional office shall provide the investigation file, if requested.
Information That May Not be Disclosed

The DCF Careline shall not disclose

  • the existence of an unsubstantiated allegation of abuse or neglect
  • a substantiated allegation of abuse or neglect that has been appealed pursuant to policy sections 34-15-1 or 22-12-2, if the appeal is pending, or
  • a substantiated allegation of abuse or neglect, if the time frame for requesting an appeal has not yet expired.
In the case of a pending appeal, or a case in which the time frame for requesting an appeal has not yet expired, the Hotline shall only disclose that a matter is pending
Notification to Subject of Background Check

The DCF Careline shall instruct persons, agencies or other public or private entities requesting a background check for licensing or employment purposes that 

  • they must inform the subject of the background check that he/she is listed in the Central Registry, as a perpetrator, and
  • that the subject may be able to appeal the substantiation pursuant to policy sections 34-15-1 or 22-12-2
Deferred Appeals

A substantiated allegation of child abuse or neglect that has been appealed and deferred because of a pending court matter shall not be disclosed while the court matter is pending.

It shall be the appellant’s responsibility to notify the Department that the court matter is no longer pending and that the appellant would like to proceed with the appeal.

 If the appellant does not notify the Department within three years of the deferral of the case, the allegations shall appear on the Central Registry as substantiated
At Risk

At Risk is a status for reporting and report acceptance purposes only.  A report that is accepted as at risk must meet one of the operational definitions of child abuse or neglect in order to be substantiated.  There cannot be a substantiation of at risk.

At risk substantiations that were confirmed before October, 1996 shall not be disclosed by the Department in response to a request for a background check unless a Program Director or designee, after review of the case, determines that the facts of the case support a finding of neglect or abuse under current operational definitions.  

An at risk substantiation confirmed after October, 1996 shall not be disclosed.

Cross References:  Operational Definitions, Policy 34-2-7, Conducting the Investigation,   Policy 34-3-6
High Risk Newborns High Risk Newborn is a descriptive category that applies to certain cases that meet the criteria set forth in High Risk Newborn policy.

Although a child may be identified as a high-risk newborn, the child’s parent shall not be substantiated as a perpetrator unless he/she has committed an act of child abuse or neglect as defined in the operational definitions.

Cross Reference:  High Risk Newborns, Policy 34-12-2

Connecticut Department of Children and Families              

Effective Date:  July 29, 2003 (New)

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