DCF: 22-4-3

Policy Manual
Fair Hearings

Notice of Proposed Action and Right to a Fair Hearing

Policy The Department shall provide written notice of the intent to deny or change benefits and of the client's right to a Fair Hearing.

The client may agree with the Department's proposals, or if not, may request a Fair Hearing.

Notification to Client Notice of Proposed Denial, Suspension, Reduction or Discontinuance of Department of Children and Families Benefits (DCF-800) has three (3) purposes:
  • for the Department to provide written notification of proposed action and the effective date of the action
  • for the Department to provide written notice of a right to a Fair Hearing, and
  • for the client to request a Fair Hearing.
  • The client's Social Worker shall complete the appropriate sections on DCF-800 and mail or give it to the client at least ten (10) days prior to taking any action.

    The form must be mailed or given to the appropriate person as follows:

    • directly to a client who is age sixteen (16) or older
    • to the foster parent, group home director, or other caretaker for a committed child under age sixteen (16)
    • to the parent or guardian for a non-committed child under age sixteen (16).
    Client's Agreement With Proposal The client's Social Worker shall also mail with DCF-800 or give directly to the client Client's Agreement to Suspend, Reduce or Terminate Department of Children and Families Benefits (DCF-800A).

    If the client agrees with the proposed action, he/she must complete DCF-800A and submit it to the appropriate regional office.

    Request for a Hearing If the client, parent, guardian, or caretaker wishes to have a hearing, he/she must complete the reverse side of the form DCF-800 and mail it to the Hearings Unit within sixty (60) days from the date the notice was mailed.
    Continuation of Benefits Pending Hearing Decision Clients who wish to have their benefits continue pending the hearing decision must submit the hearing request to the Administrative Hearings Unit postmarked within ten (10) days after the DCF-800 is mailed.

    The Social Worker will not take action on the benefit until after the ten (10) day advance notice period has expired, unless the client has signed the agreement form, DCF-800A.

    Upon receipt of a request within the ten (10) day period, the Administrative Hearings Unit will immediately notify the regional office to continue benefits where appropriate.

    The following conditions apply for continuation of benefits:

  • The request for a hearing must be signed by the client and postmarked within ten (10) days from the date the worker mailed the notice of proposed action.
  • Categories of recurring benefits subject to continuation pending a decision include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • monthly foster care payments
  • independent living funds
  • NCTP placement funds.
  • Reimbursements If the hearing decision upholds the Department and the benefit has been continued beyond the date of eligibility, the client may be asked to reimburse the Department.

    Connecticut Department of Children and Families Issued: March 1, 1994

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