DCF: Office of Research & Evaluation (ORE)

Office for Research and Evaluation

The Office for Research and Evaluation (ORE) contributes to the development and use of knowledge at DCF by shaping, supporting and conducting research, evaluation and analytic inquiry.  This includes improving the analytic data environment; initiating, facilitating and conducting data analysis, research and evaluation; and identifying and nurturing strategic analytic opportunities and partnerships. 


ORE also oversees the following processes:

Programs and Services Data Collection and Reporting System (PSDCRS)
PSDCRS is DCF's web-based system for collecting and analyzing client-level data on services by contracted providers.  It includes both Behavioral Health and Child Welfare programs.  For many programs, it reports on clients who are not involved with DCF as well as those who are.  DCF uses the system to monitor services and outcomes, and to manage program contracts.  PSDCRS was implemented on July 1, 2009.    
Exit Plan
Exit Plan responsibilities include reporting out and the completion of quarterly case reviews as described in the Juan F. Exit Plan to determine the extent to which the agency is meeting its performance mandates related to the 22 outcome measures.  Areas of strength and those needing improvement are identified and utilized to help govern the agency’s practices and resource allocations.  This includes collaborative efforts and liaison work with the Court Monitor's Office in the measurement and assessment in the key areas of treatment planning and needs met for our children and families.  Quarterly reports can be found on the Positive Outcome Measures for Children  DCF website.
Connecticut Comprehensive Outcomes Review (CCOR)
The week-long review is conducted by a review team comprised of six review pairs.  Each review pair reviews 2 cases, including a review of the case record and interviews with key case participants.  Reviewers participate in interviews with social workers, families, providers, and youth when appropriate.  Reviewers participate in daily debriefings, as well as local entrance and exit conferences.  Review pairs use the federal On-Site Review Instrument (OSRI) to conduct their review which is submitted for quality assurance to the CCOR Team Leaders.  Focus groups are conducted with local stakeholders and providers to identify strengths and areas needing improvement.  Focus groups are also conducted with social workers, supervisors, family members, community providers, foster parents and adolescents in care.  The result is a deeper and more focused understanding of outcomes and practice within the child welfare system. 
Program Improvement Plan (PIP)

Beginning September 2010, DCF implemented a bi-annual PIP case review based on an agreement with the Children's Bureau (ACF).  This agreement identified a baseline which was to include at least 65 randomly-selected cases from DCF Region 1 and Region 3.   The number of cases reviewed from each office is based on the percentage of the total caseload each office represents.  Cases were reviewed using a scaled-back version of the CFSR instrument that only contains the seven (7) items to be reviewed as required.  Cases were reviewed by individual reviewers from the DCF central office and regional management teams.  Quality assurance of the review instruments was conducted by the Office for Research and Evaluation. 

Child and Family Services Review (CFSR)
The Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSRs) are conducted by the Children's Bureau, within Administration for Children and Families in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  The CFSRs are designed to help States improve safety, permanency, and well-being outcomes for children and families who receive services through State child welfare systems.  The CFSR consists of a review of a state's data, the submission of a statewide self-assessment and an on-site review of 40 foster care and 25 in-home services cases.  In September 2008, the Connecticut child welfare system underwent its second CFSR. 

Contact Person:

Lynette C. Warner

Director, Office For Research & Evaluation

Department of Children and Families

505 Hudson Street

Hartford, CT  06106

Phone: (860) 550-6695

E-mail: lynette.wartner@ct.gov