DCF: What the Ombudsman Office Can Provide for You ....

What the Ombudsman Office Can Provide for You ....

An Ombudsman is assigned to:

  • Investigate your concerns.
  • Mediate and act as a liaison between all involved parties.
  • Speak on your behalf.
  • Arrange case conferences when necessary.
  • Answer questions regarding your inquiry or complaint.
  • Search for a resolution for disputes not resolved at the Area Office level.
  • Provide information about departmental procedures and policies.
  • Provide prompt attention.
What is the Ombudsman Office?

The Ombudsman Office serves clients, foster and adoptive parents, providers and citizens to resolve disputes with the Department, in the best interests of children.
The role of the Office of Ombudsman is to receive and investigate inquiries and complaints relating to Department services in an effort to bring about a resolution for the best interests of children. The Ombudsman will attempt to facilitate resolution as amicably as possible.
The Ombudsman Office receives an inquiry or complaint (either by telephone or in writing) concerning a service to a child or family.
The Ombudsman office is located within the Department of Children and Families and is part of the Commissioner’s office and is charged with responding to certain issues on the Commissioner’s behalf.
Contacting the Ombudsman Office:
The office is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday
Telephone Number:

Local 860-550-6301;  Toll-Free 1-866-637-4737;  Fax 860-560-7086
Mailing Address:

505 Hudson Street, Hartford, CT 06106 
How the Office Works:

Once the Ombudsman Office receives an inquiry or complaint an assigned staff member begins to work on the issues immediately. The Ombudsman Office will make contact with the involved parties within the department and the community to begin to investigate the concerns.  

The Ombudsman Office will seek to sort out the issues and ask each party to submit a summary as their response to the inquiry or complaint. Once the summaries are received the office will determine the next course of action.

Once a response is received, accepted and reviewed the Ombudsman Office will make contact with the individual who brought the inquiry or complaint to its attention and discuss the resolution.