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Albert J. Solnit Children's Center - North Campus
Description and Requirements
General Description of Facility

As a behavioral health facility of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, the Solnit North Campus provides evaluations, brief treatment, residential care and educational instruction for abused, neglected and adjudicated children between the ages of 12 and 21 from all over the state. The Solnit North Campus, which began as an orphanage in the 1880ís, is the only facility of its kind in Connecticut.
Today, the facility provides a complete educational program, medical services including psychiatric treatment, a full range of social work services, a paid work program and an active recreational program.
About the Children
  • Approximately 48 children are in residence.
  • Most are 12 to 21years old.
  • The average age is 16.
  • Most children stay about nine months.
  • About 150 children stay at the Solnit North Campus each year.
Degrees Preferred

The most successful candidates for internships should be pursuing degrees in the following fields:  social work or a related field, education, experiential/outdoor education, outdoor leadership, adolescent development.
Clinical Placement Opportunities

The Solnit North Campus is able to offer internships for those pursuing MSW degrees.  Second year students are preferred but we will consider first year students with the sending schoolís recommendation.  We have placed interns working on a Masters degree in Psychology.  These internships have to be approved through the Solnit North Campus staff psychologists.
General Activities for Clinical Placements

Internship activities include individual therapy, group therapy, case management, community organization, policy and planning. 
General Activities for Non Clinical Placements

Specific duties/opportunities depend upon the qualifications and experience of the candidate, the availability of supervision, and the the Solnit North Campus program calendar.  General duty placements include activities with our therapeutic rehabilitation department and our work-pay department.
General Requirements

Background Checks
  • LINK
  • Fingerprinting (state and local)
  • Sex offender registry
Medical Tests/Substance abuse screening
Submission of driver history (candidates who might drive vehicles)
Time Restrictions

MSW and psychology internships are restricted to the general business hours of 8-5, Monday through Friday.    If the intern wishes experience in therapy and case management, a physical presence on the campus is required four days out of five. Internships through the recreation and work pay program are more flexible.
More Information

For more information, please contact Colleen Kaplan, Clinical Director, at 860-292-4027

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